Arshavin on a Mission to Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Ankush GulatiCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2009

As confusion grows regarding Hiddink's future at Chelsea and Russia, one thing is for sure: Expect a more than usual number of shots at goal from Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin on Saturday, April 18.

While the rest of the squad will be gearing up, mentally and physically, for the huge challenge posed by Villareal, Arshavin will, to the regret of virtually all Arsenal fans (and neutrals watching the CL as well) be unable to participate in this season's Champion's League fixtures.

Arshavin will, however, be smacking his lips at the thought of Arsenal's next FA cup fixture on April 18; the trophy Arsenal have the highest chance of getting their hands on this season.

By participating in the difficult task of knocking Chelsea out, Arshavin would be pleased at two important outcomes:

  • He would have reached a cup final during his first season at his new club (so important since he can't play CL).
  • He would  have done his part in decreasing Hiddink's chances of leaving Russia, something Arshavin really cares about.

He will have the advantage of being fresh. The Arsenal games, before this fixture, are Villareal away, Wigan away, and Villareal at home. Arshavin will be absent for both Villareal games, meaning he'll only be playing one game in the previous 14 days.

So my prediction for the Chelsea game?

Undeniably biased, but here goes nothing: Arsenal win, Arshavin man of the match, and, perhaps, knowing the pleasant Chelsea boardroom, Hiddink with one foot out of the door already.


P.S. I have nothing against Hiddink, and I hope he makes Chelsea play attractive football.