Kevin Garnett Ejected for Harsh Flagrant 2 Against Tyler Hansbrough's Face

Grant HughesFeatured Columnist IVJanuary 22, 2017

Kevin Garnett was ejected Friday night for a flagrant foul two against the Indiana Pacers' Tyler Hansbrough. And the crowd went wild.

Kevin Garnett gets called for a flagrant 2 foul and is ejected from the game. He leaves the court to a standing ovation from the crowd.

— Molly McGrath (@MollyAMcGrath) January 5, 2013

Technically, that's accurate. KG was ejected for a flagrant two. If you wanted to be a little more direct about things, you could just say KG decked Psycho T in the face. At least that sounds cooler.

Speaking of cool, KG has clearly lost his of late. He's frustrated with the way his team is playing and has already voiced his intentions to ramp up his own intensity. But considering the ferocity Garnett employs on the court to begin with, that's a little like saying asking a rabid dog to get even angrier.

Hansbrough weighed in on the elbow-face meeting he shared with KG, and Pacers beat writer Mike Wells relayed the opinion via Twitter:

Hansbrough on Kevin Garnett popping him:“I guess that’s his game plan, that’s how he plays. Definitely thought it was a cheap."

— Mike Wells (@MikeWellsNBA) January 5, 2013

Garnett's play might not have been deliberately dirty, but it's pretty hard to argue that his downward swipe was much of a basketball play.

As for Garnett's reaction to the incident, Ben Rohrbach of got this gem from KG:

Actual Kevin Garnett quote: "This game was not some type of foreplay."

— Ben Rohrbach (@brohrbach) January 5, 2013

Well then. That's sufficiently terrifying, and also a little weird. It's safe to say the league office also won't be "messing around" when it comes to KG's impending fine.