25 Athletes Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever

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25 Athletes Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever
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Many of us envy the lives of professional athletes. And with good reason, too.

We spend our days at a desk listening to soul-sucking small talk between coworkers about the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Wherever. Or endless whispered speculation about who had the nerve to use the microwave without washing it out. 

And that's if we're lucky enough to even have a job at all!

Then you have professional athletes. Many get to go to college for free, and they don't seem to appreciate it in the slightest. They get to leave college early and are paid massive amounts of money to do so. And then go on to a career in which they make more money playing in a single game than most of us make in a full year on the job. 

But just because athletes have it better than most of us, doesn't mean they don't have bad days too. Those massive paychecks also come with massive expectations, as well as intense scrutiny when those expectations aren't met. That's not to say you should pity them or anything. Just that they are human too, and like all humans, they have good days and bad. 

Here are 25 athletes who are having the worst day ever. 

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