If The Braves Win The Series, A Haircut Follows

Dee WilcoxAnalyst IMarch 26, 2008

You may be asking yourself right now, what does hair and Atlanta have to do with anything?

Venture back in time with me if you will, the past two years have been most definitely sub-par years for Braves. My pal, Cody Honeycutt of Kingsport, Tenn., declared after the slow start last year that he would not cut his hair until the world series trophy was back in the hands of the Braves.

Even thought the spring training record is 1 game above .500, it's just spring training. I see the Braves struggling but not as bad as the past 2 years.

Expect the bravos to come out firing on all cylinders and get out to a hot start. Fans aren't expecting much, which sets up for a surprise on their end. Having the Smolt-Glavine combo back should pack a punch along with Tim Hudson and "sling-in" Mike Hampton. You have a solid rotation with those combinations.

Look for infielders Chipper Jones and Mark Teixeira to have a big big year, as well outfielders Marl Kotsay and Jeff Francoeur.

The 2008 Season for Atlanta is four days away and it begins in Washington D.C. for a one game start against the Nationals, then come back home for a three game stand against Pittsburgh.

We'll see how well they are coming off a long spring.

Till next time

Dee Wilcox