The 2012 IMPACT Wrestling Awards

Charlie GSenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2013

On December 19th, voting for the 2012 IMPACT Wrestling Awards began here on B/R. Plenty of fans were given the chance, from Dec. 19 to Dec. 31, to vote on some of the biggest moments and wrestlers in the year of 2012.

The results are in, and the winners are listed below.

I'd first like to thank the stars of IMPACT Wrestling for yet another great year of entertainment, and secondly, thank each of the voters for these awards.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2012 IMPACT Wrestling Awards!


Gut Check of the Year


Despite losing his initial Gut Check, the sleazy one wouldn't accept his defeat. With help of the 87 percent, and punching Al Snow in the face, Joey Ryan was granted a second chance at Bound For Glory.

There, with major help from Matt Morgan, Joey Ryan had earned his spot on the TNA roster, and has since been voted, 'Gut Check of the Year.' Joey is also most frequently booked on IMPACT of all Gut Check winners.

2012 Award Winner: Joey Ryan



Announcer of the Year


This one came as a surprise, at least to me. While votes were split between Mike Tenay and Todd Keneley, Taz found an overwhelming amount of support and surged to the top of the polls, making him the 2012 TNA Announcer of the Year.

2012 Award Winner: Taz


Pay-Per-View Poster of the Year


After going neck and neck with Destination X, on the final day of voting, one voter decided the outcome of this award. Their vote was for the "half-crazy" Victory Road poster.

2012 Award Winner: Victory Road


New Concept of the Year


It's a concept that'll surely shake things up in TNA at the beginning of every summer—Option C. In another down-to-the-wire decision, Option C beat out Open Fight Night by just one vote.


2012 Award Winner: Option C


Upset of the Year


Perhaps the biggest upset in TNA's 10 year history, Aries beating Roode dominated the polls for the 2012 Upset of the Year award.

2012 Award Winner: Austin Aries def. Bobby Roode


Most Extreme Moment of the Year


In another display of pure voting dominance, AJ Styles' insane Styles Clash through a table on Daniels at Destination X cruised its way to victory with ease.

2012 Award Winner: AJ's Styles Clash through a table at Des. X


Championship Record of the Year


In a year where four championship records were broken, Bobby Roode's record-setting reign as World Heavyweight Champion was voted as the best. The It Factor reigned supreme for an outstanding 256 days.

2012 Award Winner: Bobby Roode's 256 days as TNA World Heavyweight Champion


Most Shocking Moment of the Year


In a close contest with James Storm's shocking and deflating loss at LOCKDOWN, Devon's reveal as a member of Aces and Eights was voted the most awe-inspiring moment of 2012.

2012 Award Winner: Devon revealed as member of Aces and Eights


Feel-Good Moment of the Year


The enshrinement of an Icon outweighed that of Austin Aries' ultimate underdog story at Destination X. Celebrating Sting's 27+ year long career was voted as the Feel-Good Moment of 2012.

2012 Award Winner: Sting's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony



Character of the Year


Who would've thought that a couple of apple-tinis and Gangnam style would make Daniels the 2012 Character of the Year? That, and some witty mic skills, won fans over in the polls as the likes of Chicago-based lawyer, Joseph Park and Bully Ray tied for second place.

2012 Award Winner: Daniels


Feud of the Year


It's one of the most personal feuds in TNA history, and Storm vs. Roode, decimated the competition for this award. In a classic feud fueled by jealousy and revenge between tag partners, Storm and Roode would go through hell and back all for the TNA World Championship in 2012.

2012 Award Winner: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode


Knockouts Match of the Year


In another instance of former tag partners fighting over a championship, Tara and Tessmacher's match on TNA's grandest stage has been voted 'Knockouts Match of 2012'. Votes for their match doubled that of the runner-up, Tara vs. Gail Kim.

2012 Award Winner: Tara vs. Tessmacher at Bound For Glory


Knockout of the Year


Relative newcomer to the Knockouts spotlight, Tessmacher had no problem winning over fans for this award. Tess provided some great in-ring action all yearlong and even saw two championship reigns come her way.

2012 Award Winner: Brooke Tessmacher


X-Division Wrestler of the Year


When Austin Aries used to mention how he was a whole other level above the rest of the X-Division wrestlers, he wasn't joking around. A Double garnered four times the amount of votes that the runner-up, Zema Ion, had earned.


2012 Award Winner: Austin Aries


Tag Team of the Year


Similar to Aries being named X-Division Wrestler of the Year, Bad Influence was dominant in the polls. There was never a time when these two-time tag champions were in second place in terms of voting, as they dominated from start to finish.

2012 Award Winner: Bad Influence


Face of the Year


After a crushing loss in his hometown at LOCKDOWN, vanishing for months, and returning, only to have his World Championship pursuits spoiled once again, the fans have never given up on The Cowboy, James Storm. His ability to rally fans into his corner is like no other.

2012 Award Winner: James Storm


Heel of the Year


Screwing over friends for his own self-gain, attacking legends and injured wrestlers alike, and even spitting in the face of the TNA President, nobody was more hated in 2012 than the self-proclaimed It Factor, Bobby Roode.

2012 Award Winner: Bobby Roode


Promo of the Year


It was one of the most emotionally motivated promos we've ever seen, and quite possibly the greatest of both men's respective careers.  This promo had "award-winning" written all over it way back in April. The 2012 Face of the Year and 2012 Heel of the Year both further hype the 2012 Feud of the Year. Amazing.

2012 Award Winner: Storm and Roode face-off before LOCKDOWN


Pay-Per-View of the Year


The night that Austin Aries made history, Destination X, was been voted as the 2012 Pay-Per-View of the Year. The Destination X event is no stranger to this award, as it emerged victorious in 2011 as well. However, this year's event was even better than the last, thanks to matches such as Angle vs. Joe, AJ vs. Daniels, and of course, Aries vs. Roode.


2012 Award Winner: Destination X


Match of the Year


It's been voted 2012 Feud of the Year, provided the 2012 Promo of the Year, and contains the 2012 Face and Heel of the Year. Now, to add one more accolade to their outstanding feud, their inevitable clash at Bound For Glory has been voted as 2012 Match of the Year.

2012 Award Winner: Street Fight, Storm vs. Roode at Bound For Glory


TNA Wrestler of the Year


This award was contested primarily between two men; The Greatest Man That Ever Lived and the It Factor of Professional Wrestling. Both have had major success in becoming World Champion and have even set individual championship records. However, after a long exchange in the votes, Bobby Roode emerged victorious in order to, once again, claim the award as TNA's Wrestler of the Year!

2012 Award Winner: Bobby Roode


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