Why Formula1 Is Not My Cup Of Tea

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMarch 29, 2009

The fact that I am writing about Formula 1 makes it obvious that it is my cup of tea but this article is based on reasons and excuses that make me impervious towards it.

Frankly, I am not a very avid and keen follower of what is happening in the Formula 1 circuit. My knowledge leans on more from the information and snippets from the news and the papers and why is it so?

Reason 1: I am a girl!

Hailing from India and from a family totally idolising orthodoxy and traditions; I would be doing a sacrilege in the eyes of my family members if I watch the sport. The relevance that I am a pampered and the only child of my parents who dote on me, doesn't help me either.

And it won't aid me again if I develop a crush on one of the racers. Complicates matters because even if I keep my mouth shut; my drooling and open face will betray me.

Not to mention that between family traditions and daughter's interest, the family will prevail due to undue influence and coercion. No, this doesn't bother me because I can fight for my own interests but then whats the point?

I am not motivated to the game that I will fight for it and since in the first place I don't watch it, I am not motivated. Vicious, very vicious cycle and the result being: I don't follow F1.

Reason 2: Academics

My parents are sticklers about my education. This is nothing out of the ordinary for most of Indian parents are. They will love to see Sachin Tendulkar butcher everyone but when their kid expresses his desire to become Sachin; that's it! That day marks the start of a Third World War in the family until they trounce the idea from the kid's mind.

Coming back to my parents, they don't like me watching [in their words: wasting] sports. Cricket and Tennis, they can't [and thankfully don't] complain because they themselves watch it but F1 is a sport that theyaren't much aware about.

So in their eyes, a known devil is 100 times better than an unknown one and therefore I  have turned into an agnostic about F1....

Thus these are the two main reasons, following F1 has eluded me. I still haven't planned to watch and devote all my waking time to it but I do plan to concentrate more on the game than what the TV and the newspapers can give or do.