Army All-American Game 2013: Recruits with Best NFL Skill Set

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 4, 2013

Ricky Seals-Jones Via 247Sports
Ricky Seals-Jones Via 247Sports

The 2013 Army All-American Game will feature some of the best college football recruits in the country, and while we're evaluating these players as college athletes, it's never too early to look way ahead into their possible future in the NFL.

Sports are changing, especially football, and players are becoming physically capable of playing at the highest level quicker than ever before. 

In fact, many of the best recruits in the 2013 class already have measurables that you would expect from an NFL combine prospect, let alone a player coming out of high school.

Three players at the Army game still have a long way to go, but as of now, their skill-sets lead me to believe that they could be great fits in the NFL one day:

Note: Here's the full roster for the U.S. Army All-American game. The game will be played on January 5 at 1 p.m. EST and you can watch it on NBC.


Ricky Seals-Jones, 5-star WR, Sealy High School (TX)

Seals-Jones looks like he can be a prototypical NFL wide receiver, and he's currently committed to Texas A&M, which will increase his exposure as a pass-catcher.

He has great size at 6'5'', 230 pounds, but he also has good speed. He runs a 4.60 40 according to 247Sports. He's big and fast enough to be a deep threat over the top that can stretch the deep zone, but he's also a receiver who can run a slant and pick up five tough yards after the catch.

Seals-Jones displays great athleticism and has the ability to go up and use his height and length to high-point the ball and make great catches.

With the potential to make big plays, he also has the size and body control to be a possession guy in the slot and over the middle. Seals-Jones could be an excellent wide receiver prospect in the next few years.


Kenny Bigelow, 5-star DT, Eastern Christian Academy (MD)

Bigelow is a 5-star USC commitment, which means he'll be on the radar with NFL teams right away. He has very good size at 6'3'', 297, so he already has an NFL-ready body, but he compliments that with great agility, quickness and explosion off the line of scrimmage.

This is a kid who played tight end at the high school level, so that goes to show you just how athletic he can be.

With the NFL becoming more of a passing league, having defensive linemen that can be athletic, run around the field and get after the quarterback is a must. They're being used less and less as gap fillers and are being asked to do more with their athleticism, so Bigelow fits the type.

He'll be comfortable in space if asked to drop back in a zone, and he can stunt to play off the edges or in the interior. Overall, he's the complete defensive lineman prospect for today's style of football.


Derrick Griffin, 5-star WR, Terry High School (TX)

Griffin is ranked as a 5-star wideout according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, and he's the No. 2 wide receiver in the 2013 class according to said rankings. Griffin has incredible measurables for a wide receiver, and that alone makes me think of the NFL. 

Griffin checks in at 6'6'', 215 pounds and runs a 4.61 40 according to He doesn't have elite speed, but his good speed combined with great size gives him unlimited potential. He also displays good hands and athleticism, and he's a good blocker because of his size.

He projects to be an incredible red zone target, but he can also be a deep threat or even run after the catch. Griffin may end up being an elite NFL prospect when all is said and done.

For now, he's committed to play for Texas A&M.

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