Ed Werder Drops Fat Joke on Andy Reid so Immense, It Nearly Crashes SportsCenter

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 4, 2013

Andy Reid is headed to Kansas City and is a couple levels beyond chubby. ESPN's Ed Werder did his best to report on both things in one bumbling report. 

SportsGrid found a working capture of the moment Ed Werder went open-mic comedy night on SportsCenter

Update: Friday, December 4, 1:10 p.m. ET 

Ed Werder feels badly about his Andy Reid fat joke.

Bad attempt at humor on earlier SportsCenter. I know better & I’m sorry. Apologies to Andy Reid. Back to football news. Lots to cover

— Ed Werder (@Edwerderespn) January 4, 2013

We forgive him. 

---End of Update. 

As NFL.com reported Friday, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs have come to an agreement, and the former Eagles coach will now be the Chiefs' man with the clipboard. 

Prior to this news, Werder went on SportsCenter to report on what seems to be a mass migration to Kansas City. That's when he mentioned that Reid was not on a plane headed towards his new home, and he wasn't quite sure if it that was due to the plane's weight limit. 

Werder then stumbles for what seems like hours until he gets his reporting legs back. He's either very pleased or very shocked with himself, and he pretty much forgets what he is reporting on. 

Being fat myself, I don't mind fat jokes. Hell, a really good one is always appreciated. Just don't call us "big guy." That's annoying. 

Also, Ed Werder isn't exactly 1990s John Stamos himself (that's the measure we are all using for peak physical condition, right?), so we give him a pass as well. 

The real issue we have with this joke is that the timing, pace and aftermath are all off. You have to deliver the comedic goods and get out. Don't stick around long enough to turn into a fumbling mess. 

Hell, that's what happened to Mark Sanchez

Anyway, next time, you drop the mic and leave the set, Ed. I don't care if you are done with your report or not. 


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