England Victorious But Injured

Kenny Roger MoiseContributor IMarch 29, 2009

England had an easy outing against the Slovakians as most of them would like it. But Capello's worries are far from over. Within the first half of the match, Capello had to make three substitutions all springing from injuries.

The victims are Emile Heskey, Carlton Cole and Peter Crouch. Rooney scored twice, one of them thanks to a great, yet usual cross from David Beckham. Beckham has thus broken the record held by Bobby Moore for most appearances by an outfield player.

After seeing Lampard score zilch in 27 attempts at goal in the last World Cup, it was quite a great thing to see the Chelsea star score one for England from a free kick. Now that the friendly is over, it's back to business.

Capello can indeed use Aaron Lennon whose speed is remarkable but he needs to pay attention to England's defense, which has had monumental lapses in the past. Often these lapses were converted by the opposition into a major advantage.

The best thing is indeed the new found ease of movement within the players and I believe the credit should go to Capello. The disciplinarian has indeed induced some life into a team that is usually star-studded in terms of cast but not in performance.

Well, this team is slowly becoming a team to reckon with as WC 2010 approaches. England's next test is on April 1st against the Ukrainians. That should be a tough one.