The Miz: Why Feud with Antonio Cesaro Is Ideal for Both Superstars

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2013

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If the most recent episode of WWE Main Event is any indication of what we'll be seeing in the near future, a feud between The Miz and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro is on the horizon.

If that rivalry does come to fruition, it will be extremely beneficial to both superstars.

The Miz and Cesaro are two guys who seem to be moving in different directions. It wasn't long ago that The Miz was WWE Champion and facing John Cena at the main event of WrestleMania, but things have gone south for him ever since.

Miz dropped out of the main-event scene and went on a huge losing streak prior to taking a break in order to star in a movie.

When he returned, he won the Intercontinental Championship, but he was booked to look extremely weak while in possession of the title. He dropped it to Kofi Kingston and has since started a face turn that has the fans behind him.

Even so, Miz has yet to engage in an actual feud as a face and has been relegated to Miz TV segments rather than meaningful matches.

Cesaro, on the other hand, is clearly on the ascent.

It didn't take long for the former ROH star to make an impact in the WWE as he won the United States Championship from Santino Marella at SummerSlam. Cesaro has been incredibly impressive from an in-ring perspective, and his character is coming along but he too has suffered from the lack of a legitimate feud.

The only program that Cesaro has had that could possibly be categorized as a feud was his angle with R-Truth. They had two pay-per-view matches, but they rarely addressed each other on the mic and nobody really cared about it. Feuding with The Miz would be a totally different ballgame for the Swiss superstar, though, and it could help kick-start The Miz as well.

When it comes to Cesaro, everyone already knows how impressive and unique he is in the ring.

He has beaten smaller competitors like Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd in entertaining matches. He has also done well against behemoths such as Brodus Clay and The Great Khali, showcasing his strength by taking them out with the Gotch-style Neutralizer.

Cesaro needs more promo time, and he needs a guy on the other side who can push him in that regard. Cesaro has proved in other promotions that he can work the mic, but he is still coming into his own in the WWE.

His arrogant, foreign-heel gimmick is one that should ultimately get over, but he simply has to refine it.

On Main Event, Cesaro cut his best promo yet as he and The Miz traded verbal jabs. Cesaro called out The Miz, who was on commentary, and The Miz responded with one of his best promos since turning face.

When he's on his game, Miz is unquestionably one of the best in the business on the stick, but he has struggled a bit to find his voice since turning over a new leaf.

That is to be expected since The Miz had previously been a heel for his entire career. It isn't easy to go from being hated to being loved without missing a beat. The Miz needs to strike the perfect balance between playing to the fans while still maintaining the cocky edge that made him successful in the first place.

He did that for the most part on Main Event. He made fun of Cesaro's man purse, called him "Euro trash" and mixed in some typical face lines as well by praising the United States of America. Miz is starting to come into his own as a face, and feuding with a guy like Cesaro could put him over the top.

Cesaro vs. Miz is a match made in heaven since their styles should mesh quite well.

Miz is great on the mic while Cesaro is underrated; Cesaro is great in the ring while Miz is underrated. The potential for some entertaining promos is there, and I have to believe that Cesaro and Miz are capable of putting on some incredible matches as well.

The midcard has improved over the past few months, which has coincided with the extra hour of Raw. There is suddenly more time to develop midcard title feuds, and Cesaro vs. Miz could be an elite one.

Cesaro has all the makings of a future world champion, while Miz is a former world champion who is likely to wear gold once again one day.

We can usually count on the WWE to have solid main-event angles with plenty of build, but there have been times when the midcard has been neglected. Miz and Cesaro are two guys who could easily be main eventers right now, and they should both come out of this feud in better shape than they were regardless of who triumphs.


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