Buffalo Bills Coaching Search: The List

Aaron McKinneyCorrespondent IIIJanuary 4, 2013

Buffalo Bills Coaching Search: The List

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    Chan Gailey is gone. Ralph Wilson has relinquished his throne. It feels like a new day for the Buffalo Bills

    Buddy Nix has one chance to make this team right. His first charge will be his last attempt to hire the right head coach.

    I'm definitely a little scared. Last time nobody knew Chan Gailey's name was even in the mix until we were informed he was the new coach. We're still not sure why that move was ever made.

    The names this time around appear to be of a higher quality. Lets try to make some sense of who might be wearing a cap with a leaping buffalo by Monday.

Who Isn't Coming?

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    We know Andy Reid and Bill O'Brien are out of the sweepstakes. Chip Kelly is going to either Cleveland or Philadelphia, whoever drives up to his doorstep with the biggest truck full of cash.

    It sounds like Jon Gruden has taken his name out, or at least out of the list for the Buffalo Bills. 

    Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy were never real options. Dungy appears to be happy on television and Cowher would never go to a team like the Bills. 

Highly Unlikey

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    I feel like the loser of the Chip Kelly sweepstakes will go after Mike McCoy. There's also San Diego, who needs someone to fix Phillip Rivers. 

    Todd Haley's name has been tossed in, but hasn't been linked to the Buffalo Bills

    Perry Fewell has been sparsely heard, but he was fired in Buffalo once before.

    Kyle Shanahan is also out there, but I feel like his father will probably deter him from coming to Buffalo.


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    Ray Horton's cornrows are enough for me. When was the last time a man in his 50's pulled that off?

    Horton's Arizona Cardinals defense was the reason they finished with five wins. Had it not been for him, they may have been a one or two win team.

    His resume speaks for itself. His work in the desert is his best and he learned from the great Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh.

    I know Arizona isn't a great landing spot, so I think he may be able to fall back on that. The only drawback to Horton is his usage of the 3-4. This defense has 4-3 personnel. I feel like he's the 3rd choice in Buffalo.

Ken Whisenhunt

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    These last two may as well be 1 and 1A. 

    As bad as the situation was in the backfield for the Cardinals, Ken Whisenhunt's track record is much better than this past year.

    Ben Roethlisberger is his first achievement. That was followed by the revitalization of Kurt Warner. When all is said and done, both will most likely be Hall of Famers. He has been to two Super Bowls, winning one. 

    The Buffalo Bills will have a new quarterback this year and they absolutely need somebody to make it work. There hasn't been a competent player at that position in Buffalo since Jim Kelly retired. 

    Whisenhunt would have to bring in a defensive coordinator, but he slotted Horton in Arizona, so I know he can find someone for that.

Lovie Smith

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    This is the other side of the coin. 

    Lovie Smith guided a flawed Chicago Bears team to a 10-6 record. He has taken them to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman! He also won a Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams.

    He also runs a 4-3. If he could get someone like Hue Jackson to come and take care of the quarterback situation, this would be a great fit.