Stephen Jackson Injured in Freak Accident With Waitress Serving NYC Mayor

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Stephen Jackson injured himself when he fell into the first row after shooting a three on Thursday night as his San Antonio Spurs took on the New York Knicks.

But hey, it turned out a lot better than the last time he went into the crowd.

Naturally, social media got wind of Jackson's unusual injury and ran with it. Brian Windhorst of of got the first word in, basically nailing the value of a catchy headline in the age of Twitter:

NBA blogger and Basketball Jones podcast host J.E. Skeets reminded us all of Jackson's infamous tweet to Serge Ibaka, and might have also insinuated that the waitress was in league with OKC's power forward:

Conspiracy theories aside, that waitress played some of the best perimeter defense the New York Knicks have seen in weeks. Of course, if Jackson had been Jamal Crawford, king of the four-point play, the refs almost certainly would have whistled her for a foul when the Spurs' forward hit the deck.

Unfortunately for the Spurs, Jackson's injury is going to keep him off the floor for the rest of the game, according to Al Iannazzone of Newsday:

As a final note, we now know where Mayor Bloomberg's New York basketball loyalties lie, assuming he was in on the whole thing.

Sorry Brooklyn, it looks like he's a Knicks fan.

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