Iman Shumpert Says No Chance He'd Don Derrick Rose's Sneakers

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIJanuary 3, 2013

If their Dec. 21, 2012 battle wasn't enough, Iman Shumpert's comments about Derrick Rose should fully reinstate the rivalry between the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls.

Per a report via SLAM Online, D-Rose released his new sneakers on Christmas Day, 2012. The shoes, entitled the D Rose 3 "Nightmare" edition, are a staple of the Adidas basketball line.

You can add Shumpert to the list of people who have no interest in wearing said sneakers.

Known for his unique fashion sense, Shumpert was recently interviewed by During the Q&A, Rose's latest release became a topic of conversation.

Shumpert made it clear that he would never wear Rose or any other NBA player's shoes:

"Oh, am I gonna wear the D-Rose [shoes]? No. It won't be on my foot. I can't wait to play D-Rose. I can't wait," said Shumpert.

"So if Adidas came to you and gave you a special Knicks [edition]?" the interviewer asked.

"No. I'm not wearing that man's sneakers. I gotta play against him, you know what I mean? It's like, it's not nothing against D-Rose. I love what he the court. But, when we get on the court, I don't like nobody but who's not on my team...I'm vicious," Shumpert proclaimed.

If you're a Knicks fan, this is exactly what you want to hear.

Rose has garnered attention for his torn ACL, as well as his road to recovery. The world appears to forget that Shumpert suffered a torn ACL and MCL, himself (via ESPN New York).

Shumpert's kept busy, however, recording a mixtape and going after his Eastern Conference counterpart (via DatPiff Mixtapes).

As for the implications of these comments, they could be the turning point in a recently sedated, but once-fierce rivalry.

During the 1990s, the Knicks and Bulls were constantly at each other's throats. From their epic postseason battles to the infamous brawl in 1994, there was never a shortage of bad blood (via YouTube).

As recently as Dec. 21, 2012, another near-brawl broke out between the two sides (via YouTube).

It seems as if Shump wants to bring that competitive spirit back in 2013.

As for those who believe that there is no rivalry between Shump and Rose, think again. D-Rose and Shumpert crossed paths three times in 2011-12.

During that time, Shumpert shut Rose down.

Per NBA's advanced statistics, D-Rose shot 35 percent from the field per 36 minutes that Shumpert was on the floor. Shump was defending Rose during that time.

Perhaps the mild-mannered Rose and outspoken Shumpert are what this great rivalry needs in order to make a return.