Vic Darchinyan: Sweet Isn't Sweet Without Some Taste of Bitter

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IMarch 28, 2009

LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 07:  Vic Darchinyan celebrates his v6th round TKO victoyr over Glenn Donaire during the IBF/IBO Flywieght Championship bout on October 7, 2006 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

"You won't recognize how sweet sugar is unless you've taste how bitter raw coffee is"

What's the point?

Vic Darchinyan is the point.

Darchinyan born Vakhtang Darchinyan, the undisputed superflyweight champion of the world literally came, saw and conquered.

Actually he came, saw, was conquered and then he conquered.

Darchinyan nicknamed "The Raging Bull", made his pro debut November 2000 in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia decisioning Sande Kizito.

He then go on to win his next 20 fights before earning his first world title shot against the well-regarded and highly-respected IBF flyweight champion Irene Pacheco.

Pacheco, the pride of Columbia and previously undefeated coming to the fight was a slight favorite, given the fact that he was one of the better tacticians in boxing during that time.

In short, Pacheco is supposed to win the fight.

But they somehow forget something, they forget to tell Darchinyan that he is supposed to lose.

Darchinyan and Pacheco starred in a hotly-contested fight that saw both fighters having monumental success.

In the end Darchinyan's power seems to wear down the Colombian and Pacheco then face the inevitable knockout in the 11th round.

He then made a series of successful title defense against top opposition including Glenn Donaire, Diosdado Gabi, Luis Maldonado and Mzukisi Sikali and in the process, he unified the IBF and IBO crowns.

Sweetness it is.

However bitterness started to loom. On July 7, 2007 The Raging Bull finally met his match, his kryptonite and probably his arch nemesis.

He's matched up against Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, the younger and better half of the Donaire brothers.

In what is considered as a major upset. The classy Donaire had his way, he counter-punched to perfection, get away from Darchinyan's punches and exhibited a boxing clinic eventually knocking out Darchinyan in the fifth round.

After the disappointing setback Darchinyan moved up to superflyweight and faced the Filipino veteran Federico Catubay for the vacant IBO superflyweight crown.

Darchinyan as expected gave Catubay the beating of his life throughout the whole fight that ended via 12th round stoppage.

Three and a half months later Darchinyan would faced another Filipino fighter much better, faster, stronger and smarter than the one he had previously defeated.

He would go up against Z "The Dream" Gorres in the Philippine soil. In front of Gorres' hometown crowd.

In the fight that was dubbed as "controversial", Darchinyan scored a knockdown in the first round but Gorres connected on a left hook that sends the raging bull down on his knees in the second round.

Gorres would kiss the canvass at least four more times over the course of the fight but three times those "legitimate" (according to the Darchinyan camp) knockdowns would be ruled as a "slip" (according to the Gorres camp).

The fight ended in a draw.

A real bitter ending.

A hometown decision in the eyes of many but still proves to be an asterisk in the raging bull's career.

Then after six months of inactivity Darchinyan once again entered the boxing ring in an attempt to win the IBF crown at the hands of Dimitri Kirilov.

Kirilov, a fighter that lacks power and relies heavily on his smarts and defense didn't give much trouble to Darchinyan.

Darchinyan began to batter the champion in the first round and continued the beating up to the fifth round, the round wherein Kirilov would hit the canvass and eventually loss the fight.

In his next fight Darchinyan would go against Christian Mijares, the WBC and WBA title holder.

At the time of the fight, Mijares is already given considerations by some experts in the lower half of "Immaculate" Pound for Pound list.

The fight saw Darchinyan bullying his way through the exhausted Mijares. The aggressive raging bull would eventually stopped Mijares in the ninth round.

Perhaps the sweetest back to back wins of his career.

Still it doesn't end there.

Last February Darchinyan again showed his dominance against another Mexican hero. The great (perhaps washed-up) Jorge "el travieso" Arce.

A win wherein Darchinyan did not only showed his sheer power but also displayed his over-all improvements.

A fight that sends not only Darchinayan's message to the boxing world but also a fight that sends the Mexican hero to retirement. (probably)

After experiencing a bitter defeat and a bitter draw Darchinyan, the raging bull or should I say the undisputed superflyweight champion had his comeback against world class opposition.

Revenge? sort of, I think so...After all, revenge is sweet.

Likewise one thing's for sure, He's just getting started.