Racist Taunts Force Kevin Prince-Boateng and AC Milan to Leave Pitch

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 3, 2013

Kevin Prince-Boateng was the recipient of a shower of racial taunts during a recent friendly. Rather than continue to listen to such horrible chants, he left the field.

And we applaud his early departure. 

Big Lead Sports spotted this awful moment when fans with ignorant thoughts decided to shout their obscenities down onto the pitch during a friendly between AC Milan and Pro Patria.

At about the 10-second mark in the video, you can see Boateng pick stop his dribble and subsequently punt the ball into the stands.

It seems as though the officials and players from Pro Patria are ready to take exception to the act, but things quickly change as the AC Milan star walks off the pitch and rips off his jersey. 

The other players slowly follow him off the field, and even the fans who are trying to enjoy the contest in a civilized manner agree with the action and shower Boateng with applause.

If fans can't be counted on to watch a football match with the class and dignity of normal human being, then athletes should be able to just take off. 

This is one small win in the constant battle against racism in world football. The notion is that things may be different if this were a Serie A fixture and not merely a friendly. 

SportsGrid found a report from The Nation that claims otherwise. Thankfully, Milan's coach feels is fine with future walkouts:

Massimino Allegri, the coach of AC Milan, said afterward that his team would walk out again if one of their players were racially abused, regardless of either the competition or the situation. The powerful Allegri also put out a call for other teams to stage walk outs if their players were similarly abused.

There is simply no excuse to launch racist barbs at any player. This is a problem on pitches across the world that continues to grow.

It's time to simplify the solution. 

If you don't like the color of an athlete's skin, you don't have to see them play.  

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