WWE News: Big Names Rumored for 20th Anniversary of Raw

Gone Baby GoneContributerJanuary 3, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Even though lately it seems like the WWE is celebrating a new milestone every six months, it doesn't mean that the company isn't pulling out all the stops for its latest celebratory episode.

With Raw's 20th Anniversary show just weeks away, Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc.com) is reporting some big returns for the show:

Then, WWE has the big RAW 20th Anniversary show on January 14th where they will be bringing several old names back. They may to bring back some names we don't see too often since some just appeared on the recent Slammys episode. Being in Texas, appearances by The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels are likely. It's also expected WWE will make the first Hall of Fame announcement that night.

Look, I am as much of a fan of Shawn Michaels as the next guy. However, it seems like Michaels returns at least two to three times a year for a one-off. Don't get me wrong, Michaels has served the WWE well,  but there is something to be said for tarnishing one's brand.

Sadly, time after time, the fans eat it up and give the WWE another reason to bring him back. Ultimately, I would like to go a year or two without "The Showstopper." This would allow fans to truly appreciate his return and give him a chance to be missed.

Now, on to "The Texas Rattlesnake," whose return would be great for the company, especially considering an injury prevented Austin from appearing at Raw 1000. Let's face it, it's been quite some time since we have seen Austin on WWE TV, so if this happens, it should be a welcomed return.

Now, on to The Undertaker.

Let's face it, "The Dead Man" is gearing up for another 'Mania run, so this return isn't too surprising. However, I am rooting for 'Taker to formally announce his opponent upon his return. Hopefully, he won't disappoint and will make some jaws drop.

In the end, if the WWE has netted all three for Raw's 20th Anniversary show, you can guarantee that the WWE Universe will be talking the next day. For better or worse, the WWE will do its best to ensure this show goes off without a hitch. Personally, I am hoping for some solid TV and little fluff in between.

Now it's your turn to weigh in: Are these returns exciting? Or, just the same old story from the WWE?