San Diego Padres: 7 Expendable Padres That Could Be Traded for a Starter

Gary OusdahlCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2013

San Diego Padres: 7 Expendable Padres That Could Be Traded for a Starter

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    For the first time in recent memory, the San Diego Padres have decent depth in their roster.

    Other than starting pitching, there doesn't seem to be too many holes in their current lineup.  

    In fact, there is a surplus of available players, enough so that the Padres should trade away some of their spare parts to try and land another starter for their rotation.

    Now that it looks like the team will be holding onto third baseman Chase Headley for the upcoming 2013 season, who should the team consider expendable and use as trade bait?

    Let's take a look at seven Padre players that currently fit that criteria and could potentially be used to land another starting pitcher.   

Will Venable

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    Unfortunately, 30-year-old outfielder Will Venable has not lived up to expectations.

    He's been a decent ball player (and I use that word very generously) for the Padres, but he hasn't shown the promise he once had when coming up through the farm system.

    Venable does, however, have good speed and is a solid defender, making him a desirable commodity to many ballclubs.  

    With a right field that looks to be split between Venable and Chris Denorfia, perhaps giving Denorfia the opportunity to play full time next year will show what his bat is capable of doing over a full season.

    With Rymer Liriano not too far away from the big leagues, maybe it's time the Padres should consider ending the Will Venable experiment and giving someone else a shot.  

Jesus Guzman

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    Jesus Guzman showed some real potential in his 2011 season (.312 average, 44 RBI in 247 at-bats) with the San Diego Padres.

    Though his 2012 campaign wasn't as spectacular, he still proved that he could hit and, more importantly, drive in runs.  

    Guzman is in a particularly interesting position with the Padres as there is no definitive position for him to play.  

    Sure, he can platoon in the outfield and fill in for Yonder Alonso at first base from time to time, but with his powerful bat, Guzman should have the opportunity to play full time elsewhere.

    Unless the Padres plan to make him a starter, they should package him in a trade and take advantage of his value before it fades away.

Logan Forsythe

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    Infielder Logan Forsythe had a respectable season with the Padres in 2012.

    Forsythe, who is only 25, can play second, third and shortstop, and he has a decent bat to go along with his infield range.  

    Though it looks like he and Alexi Amarista could share time together platooning at second, highly anticipated prospect Jedd Gyorko can make that easily all go away.

    Gyorko, the Padres' No. 2-rated prospect, according to, has tore up the minor leagues with his above-average bat.  And though he's mainly played at third base during his professional career, Gyorko looks to be the favorite as the Padres' starting second baseman in 2013 with Chase Headley remaining at third.

    With a traffic jam like that, the Padres should consider trading Forsythe to a team that is in need of infield depth. 

Chris Denorfia

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    Let me start off by saying that I am the last person that wants to see Chris Denorfia traded away.  

    Ever since coming to the Padres in 2010, Denorfia has been consistently solid.  

    Not only can he play every outfield position, but the guy can hit, field and has decent speed.  

    If teams don't respond to a Will Venable or Jesus Guzman trade, perhaps packaging Denorfia and some relief pitching will sway some opinions.  

    I'm sure it will take way more than that to land a solid starter, but Denorfia has proven he's no fluke and could potentially be a valuable commodity in the trade market. 

Luke Gregerson

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    Luke Gregerson will most likely be at the center of a trade that brings a solid starting pitcher to San Diego.

    Gregerson, who has only gotten better with age, is as valuable as they get when considering relief pitching.  

    With a 2.39 ERA, nine saves and 72 strikeouts in 71.2 innings in 2012, Gregerson will add immediate value to any team coveting his services.

    And though a ballclub could never be without enough solid arms, the Padres have bullpen depth and should consider trading some of their proven relievers to land another starter.

Dale Thayer

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    Dale Thayer is another relief pitcher that many ballclubs would be pleased to obtain.  

    Thayer, who turned 32 this December, had a 3.43 ERA last season with seven saves and 47 strikeouts in 57.2 innings pitched.  

    Though he's only been with the Padres for one season, he proved that, when given the opportunity to pitch regularly, he can be effective.

    He certainly won't be the centerpiece to a deal, but he would be a nice addition to a package of players if dealt.  

Kyle Blanks

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    Is Kyle Blanks the product of being brought up to the majors too soon?

    The minor league standout has yet to figure out how to translate his powerful bat in the big leagues. He's also had issues with staying healthy and is coming off of Tommy John surgery in 2012.

    Blanks, who only had five at-bats with the Padres last season, is looking to rebound in 2013 and show people that he can still play.

    Could a change of scenery and an opportunity to play elsewhere more regularly be all Kyle Blanks needs to get back on track?

    Regardless, his addition to a package of players could be enticing for some clubs looking to add depth to their bench.