The 20 Most Hilarious Sports Commericals Right Now

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2013

The 20 Most Hilarious Sports Commericals Right Now

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    Primarily thanks to Michael Jordan back in the '80s, name brands have paid big money to get athletes, coaches and even announcers as their spokespeople.

    We all love to see our sports heroes show their personality a little bit, and with these funny commercials, we'd say they've definitely accomplished that.

    Whether you crack up or just laugh a little at some of these, we'll bet they at least put a smile on your face.

Wayne Rooney and Gerard Pique: FIFA '12

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    It falls on our list because it was for Christmas 2011, and not the one that just passed, but we'd be remiss if we didn't include it.

    When you get two of the best players on the planet to sit and make fun of all the crappy gifts you usually get, it's funny no matter what year it is.

Mark Spitz: Freedom Tubz

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    It might not be your typical "laugh your ass off" type of commercial, but you can't help but smirk at the feeling of utter embarrassment for the former gold medalist.

    This commercial honestly makes us think Andy Samberg will pop out and tell us that it's all just a joke.

    Come on, Spitz! Walk-in tubs for old people?

Steven Jackson and Arian Foster: NFL Shop

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    Don't ask us why we think this commercial is that funny, but for some reason, we like it.

    Maybe it's the blatant misunderstanding from the players as to why some fan would want their gear, or the way Foster's face looks when he says he's doing an interview.

Aaron Rodgers: Pizza Hut

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    Most of Rodgers' commercials can be a little less than stellar, but this Pizza Hut one actually puts a smirk on our face.

    With a box full of food like these dudes have in front of them, Rodgers did the right thing by telling that guy to shush and eat up!

Mary Lou Retton: Dairy Queen

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    As an Olympic medal-winning gymnast from the '80s, Mary Lou Retton's trademark smile was flashed—and probably a little bit overexposed—a lot following her performances in the L.A. Games.

    It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that DQ once again used that smile 25 years later by claiming they have pinatas full of Mary Lou.

Russell Westbrook: ESPN

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    Thanks to his off-beat postgame attire, Westbrook has gained some attention outside of just his play on the court.

    And with him rocking those lensless frames, admitting that he "sees better without [lenses]," it was only a matter of time till the endorsements came flooding in.

    Wonder if LensCrafters has any interest?

Ray Lewis: Madden '13

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    Ray Ray may have just announced he's retiring from the league after this season—which was a stroke of genius by the timing of his announcement—but as the inspirational leader of the Ravens, he's led them to some great moments because of his pep talks.

    The talk he delivers to Paul Rudd to ditch out on his family to continue to play Madden, though? We'd say one of his best.

Troy Polamalu: Head & Shoulders

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    Troy Polamalu's had some pretty funny commercials with Head & Shoulders over the years, but this more recent one holds its own thanks to Troy's calming demeanor.

    As a feared safety, it's definitely the opposite of what you'd expect from him, yet he pulls it off regardless.

Chris Paul: State Farm Insurance

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    State Farm may have struck out with some of those Aaron Rodgers discount-double-check commercials, but it proved that getting a different kind of passer (a point guard) would be better suited for comedy gold.

    It may not make us want to switch insurance companies, but it does make us watch the video at work a dozen or so times.

Tom Brady: Dick's

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    We all know Tom Brady has played his entire career in Massachusetts, but that doesn't mean he actually sounds like he's from the Bay State.

    Give both him and Dick's Sporting Goods credit for having him step out of his clean-cut, overly serious persona for this commercial.

MLB '12: The Show

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    It may be a cruel joke, but at least Cubs fans got a chance to feel some sort of joy in this commercial depicting the North Siders finally winning a World Series title.

    Unfortunately, the real Cubbies couldn't live up to the imaginary one from the video game, adding another year to an already unbelievable title drought.

James Harden and Russell Westbrook: Foot Locker

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    It may not be around anymore, but we had to give props to this Foot Locker commercial that aired during summer 2012 for its hilarity.

    James Harden's got one of the most epic beards in sports, so we can appreciate using it as a killer prop in this ad.

Blake Griffin: Kia

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    Blake Griffin's been known to do some spectacular things before, so when he goes back to 1997 to tell his middle school-self about his Kia Optima, it may surpass anything he'll do on the hardwood.

    With a punt that would make Ray Guy proud and a shot at all those jean short-wearing people out there, Griffin brings his A-game with his acting skills.

Cam Newton: NFL Play60

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    Cam Newton took the league by storm as a rookie last year, in part to his bulldozer running style and strong arm.

    But if you asked this kid, he thinks he can knock Newton off the high horse and supplant him as Carolina's QB.

    With the inconsistent season Cam just had, who knows? The Panthers may come calling sooner than he expected.

Kyrie Irving: Pepsi's Uncle Drew

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    Kyrie Irving's quickly proven himself to be a budding star in the NBA, due mostly to his leadership, maturity and all-around game.

    But with his alter ego, old baller Uncle Drew, he's shown that he's got some serious moves as a gray-hair too, teaching these young kids how to get buckets.

Jimmy Johnson: Extenze

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    Jimmy Johnson may get some laughs as a studio host on FOX NFL Sunday, but he gets even more for being the spokesman for the male enhancement pill.

    Admitting that his "johnson" isn't quite up to par is something no dude would ever do, so props to Jimmy for making the effort.

Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi: Turkish Airlines

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    It's a pretty good commercial for the airline company, which pits Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi against each other in trying to win the adoration from a fan.

    They both get snubbed for ice cream, but that doesn't take away from their efforts.

    Our only question is whose ever flown with Turkish Airlines before?

Greg Jennings: Old Spice

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    When you need a good laugh—and something to make you smell good—who doesn't think about Packers receiver Greg Jennings?

    This Old Spice commercial shows that mixing business with pleasure is never a bad thing.

John Clayton: This Is SportsCenter

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    John Clayton is a bit of a nerd.

    He's nicknamed "The Professor" and looks like Mr. Mackey from South Park.

    But when every sports fan saw him drop his mullet down and blast the Slayer, nodding at Internet rumors saying he has a ponytail, they kind of appreciated the guy a little bit more.

Clay Matthews: Fathead

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    Every dude out there should take interior design tips from the Packers defensive beast.

    Who wouldn't want to feature themselves on pretty much every possible inch of their own man cave? 

    Add in Matthews' sarcastic persona, and it's probably the funniest commercial on TV—not just one related to sports.