Grading Alabama's New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms for BCS Title Game vs. Notre Dame

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2013

Grading Alabama's New Nike Pro Combat Uniforms for BCS Title Game vs. Notre Dame

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    The Alabama Crimson Tide will play Notre Dame for the national championship in a matter of days. And with the big game taking place on a national stage, Alabama decided to team up with Nike and design a special uniform that will be worn in front of millions.

    If you are one of those who cringe when you hear new uniform designs, you shouldn't be worried when it comes to this new look. This is a subtle change that has happened to Alabama, not Maryland, and there is certainly not anything as bad as the Notre Dame helmet.

    Here is the new look that the Crimson Tide will wear when the national championship finally takes place.


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    How can you even begin to hate the new jersey that Nike designed?

    There really wasn't much done to the road jersey that Alabama usually goes with, but it just has a brand-new feel to it when it captures your eye. The numbers on the jersey seem to strike a little more than they usually do, and it has that overall modern look to it. 

    The uniform is obviously something that is very important to the Alabama football tradition, and Nike didn't go overboard with the tweaks. Nike kept it really simple, only adding to a current look that has rapidly become popular with this generation of players. 

    Grade: B


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    It wouldn't be a new uniform if technology and some type of fancy material weren't included in what the players will wear. Nike has done it again, as this is considered a Nike Pro Combat Hypercool Uniform that is lighter and is supposedly built for speed—as if this Crimson Tide team needed any more of that.

    The uniform isn't as heavy as the ones in the past and will stay dry no matter how much those players are sweating out the final minutes of the game.

    Here is more on the uniforms' cool features straight from the Nike website:

    Alabama will also wear the new Nike Pro Combat Hypercool Speed Top featuring Nike Dri-Fit fabrication that transports moisture and sweat from the skin to the outside of the top, leaving the body cool and dry. Regulated for the weather with increased breathability and a streamlined fit, this revolutionary baselayer top features new innovative venting systems including laser perforation pods in a unique design pattern that help the body regulate temperature. It also features reinforced bonded seams as well as premium mesh underarm gussets for increased thermoregulation.

    Sounds comfortable and interesting. It is getting to the point that uniforms should be made out of this stuff every game and not just on special occasions. I'm sure the players would all vouch for that.

    Grade: A

Wow Factor

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    When looking at all of the pictures, the "wow factor" would have more to do with the fact that Nike got pretty much everything right.

    Unlike past uniforms, there isn't much to complain to the designers about. This is usually one of the fun parts of critiquing wardrobe changes, but Nike has removed all of that joy. It is an overall great look, and that is really surprising considering we have seen many new uniforms that have made our eyes bleed over the last year.

    Grade: B


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    Question for Alabama fans: Does it really matter what your team is wearing on Monday? As long as the Crimson Tide bring home another crystal football, I'm sure straw hats and overalls would be okay with the folks out in Tuscaloosa.

    This is the national championship game, and the last thing that should be on anybody's mind is what the uniforms look like.

    However, there are always those traditional fans who don't want the uniform touched, even if it was for a scrimmage game that was closed off to the public. Those people can sleep well at night knowing that tradition was considered in this design, as this is really just a more hip version of the traditional all-white look.

    The logo has remained the same, the colors are the same and everything is right with the world. It is just a fresher look for the new generation that wants to see a change once in a while.

    Grade: A


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    If you have been paying attention through the last couple of slides, you would know that I really like the change.

    There weren't many changes from the all-white look that Alabama usually goes with, but the jersey really pops, and everything has that glossy look to it.

    The two minor complaints that I would give are the awkward stripes on the pants and the fact that there may be too much white on the entire uniform. With this game taking place on a grass surface, I have a feeling the white will be ruined by the end of the first quarter. What looks like a black and crimson stripe down the side makes the team look a little bit like Georgia.

    However, those two things really aren't worth writing Nike a hate email over.

    The overall look of the uniform is really crisp, and the Crimson Tide will look good when the national championship finally takes place next week.

    Grade: A