Antonio Cesaro Is WWE's Next Great Superstar

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2013


Wednesday night on Main Event we witnessed an incredible show of strength from Antonio Cesaro when he hoisted The Great Khali in the air for his finisher, The Neutralizer.

If you thought hitting the move on Brodus Clay was impressive, just check out the match from Main Event and you will see what "impressive" looks like.

Michael Cole says it best when he says, "Pound for pound, Antonio Cesaro is the strongest superstar in WWE today."

We all know about the power of guys like John Cena and Ryback, but Cesaro is a different kind of Superstar. He has the potential to be one of the best all-around wrestlers in WWE history.

He's not there yet, or even close, but the potential is there.

He is well built and has great definition, but he is nowhere near the bodybuilder level of a Cena or Ryback in terms of size.

Size isn't everything.

WWE bills Cesaro at 232 pounds, not exactly leaps and bounds above the average weight of a WWE Superstar, but he uses his power in the smartest possible way.

He relies on his legs to provide most of the strength during his finisher, allowing him to use the opponent's body and his own knees for leverage when lifting his opponents.

Yes, Cesaro is very strong, but that is not even his best quality.

Cesaro is one of the more talented wrestlers to join the main roster in quite some time. He uses a variety of different moves in every match, and his signatures are absolutely devastating.

Whenever he hits that brutal European uppercut on an opponent who is falling through the air, it looks like he nearly kills them.

Considering how poorly Cesaro was booked in his first couple of months, it is great to see WWE recognizing what they have and using him the right way.

Pairing him with Aksana did nothing to raise his profile. It was when he branched out on his own that he started to really show everyone what he was made of.

Having Cesaro continue to bash the United States every week might seem like the same old gimmick they have used for foreign superstars in the past, and that is because it is.

Hating America seems to be a go-to tactic for foreign superstars, but Cesaro adds some needed flavor to an overly used gimmick by using five languages to insult us.

The only area Cesaro needs to work on is promo skills. He seems a bit rocky when delivering promos on occasion, but that improves with time.

Just look at how much Elijah Burke improved when he moved to TNA and became D'Angelo Dinero. Time is all Cesaro needs to be a great mic worker.

Cesaro honed his skills on the Indy wrestling circuit and in Ring of Honor, where he was part of one of the best tag teams of the last 10 years with Chris Hero, who now goes by Kassius Ohno in NXT.

Cesaro's run as the US champion has seen him do some great things against many talented opponents, and it looks like he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in 2013.

He could even ascend up the ladder and be World champion before the end of the year if he keeps gaining momentum like he has been in recent months.

World champ. WWE champ. It doesn't matter. Antonio Cesaro is a workhorse who will be recognized for his talent by fans whether he has a belt around his waist or not.

A really good wrestler will become a World Champion. A future legend doesn't need to be World Champion.

Just ask Roddy Piper.


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