Why Antonio Cesaro Will Be a Long-Term United States Champion

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

No matter what language he says it in, WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro has always backed up claims that he is better than the competition over the past several months.

Since winning the title in August, Cesaro has taken on all comers and, on most occasions, has left with his head held high.

And while his character is not a new one, he is certainly attempting to make his run the most convincing in recent memory.

Granted, many have played the condescending European aristocrat character before. But few have done it with the vigor that Cesaro has.

His aggressive style and near-flawless ring technique make the crowd believe that he will do exactly what he says he will.

The Raw announcing team marveled when Cesaro was able to hit his Neutralizer finisher on the nearly 400-pound Brodus Clay. On Main Event this week, he was able to do the same to the seven-plus-foot, 350-pound Great Khali.

Simply put, Antonio Cesaro is an absolute wonder.

There are very few individuals that possess the gifts that Cesaro does. His physique is second to none. His mat-wrestling skills might only be bested by Daniel Bryan. And his mean streak may be beyond anyone’s in the company.

What’s worse is that he knows all of this. He knows how good he truly is. And he is not shy about telling everyone, either.

In addition, it is not as if Cesaro goes out and competes in grueling, hard-fought contests. As a general rule, he absolutely dominates his poor opponents.

His feud with R-Truth was supposed to light up the crowd, but the matches always seemed one-sided, with Truth always seeming very overmatched. Who knows where the rivalry would have gone if Truth had not sustained a knee injury at TLC, but one can only assume that it would have ended with the championship still firmly around Cesaro’s waist.

He has had his troubles in recent weeks with The Miz, who would actually be an ideal opponent for the Swiss bruiser.

The Miz has the credibility to make Cesaro a legitimate name in the company. He also has a unique talent of making his opponents look good. However, if he made Cesaro look any better, one would question why the champ is not wearing a more prestigious title.

The war of words between the two would be interesting, however, seeing as Miz has a great talent on the microphone, while Cesaro is very good at making the WWE Universe feel inferior.

A Cesaro/Miz feud might be exactly what both competitors need to take things to the next level. It has long been rumored that The Miz is in line for a big push in the near future, knocking off an up-and-coming superstar. Conversely, Cesaro would get more exposure by taking on a proven commodity.

In the long run, it can only work out in a favorable way.

But as of now, no one has been able to knock off the European titleholder. He generally looks nearly unbeatable, not making many mistakes and working in a careful, calculating manner.

Barring an unforeseen circumstance, Cesaro’s position looks very solid. And without any real competition, his grasp on the United States title does not look to be loosening anytime soon.