A Look Inside the Gmail Inboxes of NFL's Top Free Agents

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A Look Inside the Gmail Inboxes of NFL's Top Free Agents
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Free agency is a unique road for every player, and that can be clearly reflected in their e-mail.

Of course, we can't actually tamper with the Gmail accounts of NFL players (there are laws against that sort of thing). However, we can make some interesting guesses.

What are the top free agents going through right now?

Let's create some fictional Gmail inboxes and analyze them for the top five guys set to hit the market in a few short weeks.


Joe Flacco

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Will Joe Flacco quickly and quietly re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens? Perhaps, but there is also a chance that he becomes the top quarterback available this offseason.

He is getting emails from both Rays on his team and even a few ESPN analysts giving their opinions.


Reggie Bush

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There has to be a lot on Reggie Bush's mind at the moment. He is 28 years old, and his time as a starting running back has to be wearing down. At the same time, his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and making national headlines.

Bush has often blurred the lines between celebrity and athlete, a fact clearly expressed in his inbox.

Pleas from an assortment of quarterbacks are definite highlights.


Dwayne Bowe

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Kansas City can be a tough place for a wide receiver to be happy. Dwayne Bowe has been forced to take the field with the likes of Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn all season, and his inbox suggests it may be wearing on him.

Former coach Romeo Crennel has no interest in helping Bowe find another job, and Andy Reid has some possibilities for a future partnership.


Greg Jennings

Matt Ludtke/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings has the unfortunate task of worrying about free agency while he is about to enter the postseason.

His sister is causing trouble on Twitter with Aaron Rodgers, and apparently a new trio may be forming in Miami.

Is there trouble between Jennings and Old Spice? Is his mom lining up a new set of commercials for him to star in? 


Cliff Avril

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Few defensive linemen are going to draw as much interest this offseason as Cliff Avril. The current Detroit Lion has turned in a great season, and his inbox shows a great deal of interest from around the league.

Mario Williams and Julius Peppers have both pointed out positives of joining their respective teams, while Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson make strong cases for staying in Detroit.

Actually, their cases are not that strong, but they still have things to say.

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