RFB Fan Favorite Vote Results

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RFB Fan Favorite Vote Results


Two Wins in Two Years! Keep it up, Ryan. Brewer fans love you!

Two Wins in Two Years! Keep it up, Ryan. Brewer fans love you!

First of all, a big thank you goes out to all who entered the contest and all who voted. Last year we had a little less than 3000 total votes, and this year we had over 3600 total votes even though the polls were up for less time this year.

A couple interesting things I wanted to share -

1 - The number of votes Seth McClung beat Manny Parra by.

Gallardo vs. Bush had more votes cast than any other match up

5 - number of different states people sent entries from

118 - Votes cast for the final, surprisingly lower than most of the other match ups.

2 - Number of votes cast for Hernan Irribarren (Lowest of anyone)

3 - Number of votes for Jorge Julio (Lowest of any pitcher)

2 - Number of Winners. They have already been contacted. If you did not receive an email this morning, you did not win (sorry.)

Here’s the final bracket:


Well, thanks again for having some fun. Hopefully we can do this again next year. And even if you didn’t win a shirt, come to our First Pitch show in Appleton. Shirts are only $5, there’s live music, and there’s no cover to get you in.

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