NHL Lockout: Negotiations to Resume in Morning, Progress Has Been Made

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NHL Lockout: Negotiations to Resume in Morning, Progress Has Been Made
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It was shortly after 1 a.m. ET in New York City when the NHL lockout negotiations ceased for the night, but progress has been made, according to numerous reports.

The biggest news was that the NHLPA did not file a disclaimer of interest, but if progress is not made in the subsequent days, they will revote on the matter.

Both the NHL and NHLPA are also going to meet Thursday at 10 a.m. ET with a federal mediator, and meaningful talks can continue.

The NHLPA made a big step in the owners' direction during the latest round of negotiations by making a huge concession.

This is a nice concession by the NHLPA, and something that should be viewed as a good faith negotiation tactic.

With meetings scheduled for 10 a.m. ET, here is the latest information courtesy of Chris Johnston.

Right now the biggest issue is the salary cap for 2012-13, and the difference between where the NHL is and where the NHLPA wants the cap to be.

It would be logical to assume that both sides could meet in the middle at $62.5M, but that would be too easy considering how long it took both sides to agree on a 50-50 split of H.R.R.

However, it should be noted that a deal could be close because the NHLPA did not file the disclaimer of interest. Although they can file it at a later date, there should be some optimism moving into the talks scheduled for Thursday.

If both sides can meet in the middle with the salary cap, it stands to reason that the other outstanding issues such as pensions can be solved by the end of the week.

Gary Bettman's deadline of having a CBA by Jan. 11 is in eight days. A deal needs to be struck by then for a season to start on Jan. 19. It is promising that both sides are engaging in marathon series of negotiations, but right now the only thing fans can do is wait.

Progress is slowly being made, but things are starting to look up for a 2013 NHL season.

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