AJ Lee Has Become Must-See TV Once Again

Bill PivetzCorrespondent IIIJanuary 3, 2013

AJ Lee turned on John Cena during his match with Dolph Ziggler at TLC. Photo by: WWE
AJ Lee turned on John Cena during his match with Dolph Ziggler at TLC. Photo by: WWE

When AJ turned heel at TLC, she once-again became a big-time player on Raw.

She aligned with Dolph Ziggler, who finally broke away from Vickie Guerrero and introduced Big E. Langston to the WWE Universe when he attacked John Cena the next night on Raw.

AJ was known as the “crazy chick” during her time with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. Her character was different because she was a tweener every week. Fans couldn’t tell if she was a heel or a face and it made for a great storyline.

Then things went on a downward spiral. She became over-exposed on TV and her act grew stale as GM.

To make things worse, WWE took a page out of TNA’s playbook and had AJ become involved with a fellow Superstar. This forced AJ to step down as GM, but AJ and Cena continued their relationship.

Cena and AJ feuded with Ziggler and Guerrero. WWE made the right decision here because it pulled Cena away from the WWE title picture and put him in a program with an up-and-coming star like Ziggler.

Now, with AJ as a full-fledged heel and aligned with Ziggler, the sky is the limit. The two are the perfect on-screen couple. She is playing off Ziggler’s cockiness and it works. She’s still playing the emotional card, but to a different degree, by passing the blame of her actions on to Cena.

The addition of Langston as AJ’s bodyguard is a good idea as well by WWE. He is immediately thrown into a major storyline with Ziggler, AJ and Cena. AJ and Ziggler do all of the talking while Langston is the muscle.

This could also lead to the first female-lead stable. With Ziggler, Langston and maybe the addition of Brad Maddox or Team Rhodes Scholars, AJ would be a pretty powerful woman on Raw.

AJ bringing in Langston also brings up an interesting question—could she be behind The Shield?

Langston and The Shield came from NXT and have made a big impact in a short period of time.

If WWE was to play that card, it could work. The Shield has been playing up the word “injustice” and AJ’s situation with Cena fits that to a T. She could say that it was an injustice the way Cena got her fired with their relationship and have The Shield take him out.

Regardless if she is or isn’t behind The Shield, AJ has reinvented herself yet again. She turned on the biggest name in the business right now in John Cena, aligned with two young stars and is a major star with WWE. When is the last time someone could say that about a WWE Diva?

Raw is now a must-watch just to see where all three of them, especially the “crazy chick” AJ Lee, go in 2013.