WWE: Should CM Punk vs. The Rock Happen at the Royal Rumble?

Mike ShannonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2013


For the past few months, CM Punk has been alluding to his long-set match against The Rock at the Royal Rumble, a contest that has been set pretty much since Rock defeated John Cena at WrestleMania. 

However, is it really a good idea for this match to happen at that event?

Let's all be honest here, most people buy the Royal Rumble for the Royal Rumble match itself.  The 30-man battle royal is a major draw by itself and the matches are mostly secondary when it comes to that particular pay-per-view. 

My point is this:  The Royal Rumble is going to draw buys by itself, it doesn't need The Rock vs. CM Punk at that event.  Punk vs. Rock is a major money-drawing match that has the potential to boost the buyrate for pretty much any show...except for the Royal Rumble.

There are two events on the WWE calendar which need no promotion and basically sell by name value alone:  WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble.  People buy these events whether Rock vs. Punk is headlining or if it's something weak like John Cena vs. Umaga, it just doesn't matter.

With the pay-per-view business down for WWE, they should look to boost the buyrates of their B-level events, ones that actually need big matches to sell them.  Think about Money in the Bank 2011 when CM Punk defeated John Cena for the world title: 

Usually, MITB is a minor show with gimmick matches that draw a few interested viewers but nothing too exciting.  However, when you threw in Punk vs. Cena, especially with the special circumstances surrounding that match, you made it a can't-miss event.

In February, WWE has the Elimination Chamber event on the schedule, yet another gimmick pay-per-view that never lights the world on fire in terms of buyrate or attendance.  Why not put CM Punk vs. The Rock as the main event at that event and essentially guarantee a great buyrate? 

You can still book the match the same way and set up WrestleMania however you want but you boost business for an event that has historically struggled.

Sure, this might seem like a minor point but when you're pulling in terrible PPV buyrates and your flagship TV show is pulling in a 2.2 rating, you really need to focus on the minor points. 

WWE certainly isn't lighting the world on fire in any aspect, so why give away one of your few drawing matches at an event people are going to buy anyways?  To me, it makes no sense.

However, much of what WWE is doing these days doesn't make much sense.