The Best WWE and TNA Theme Songs

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The Best WWE and TNA Theme Songs
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Well now that TNA has gotten a deal with Itunes a few weeks ago, I am going to write about the top ten greatest WWE/TNA superstar theme songs of the present day.

I know people like Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin have had phenomenal and historic themes, but I am going to review ones that are lyrical and ones that if they weren't wrestling songs, I'd download on my iPod or something.

These will not be classics. So without further ado, my present day top 10 current and favorite themes. Too bad only one TNA star makes my list. These are in no specific order.

Shawn Michaels: Sexy Boy

This is actuallly the only classic-present day theme that I love, it has some great lyrics and some great work on the electric guitar. It fires you up whenever you hear it and it's just a great song.

Randy Orton: Voices

The obvious choice for the top song in the WWE but can you blame Rev Theory? Rumors around were that this wasn't even for Randy Orton as it was going to lead their next album. This is a phenomenal present day theme and it's just a great song.

Christian: Just Close Your Eyes (Story of the Year Version)

".....Go! If you close your eyes and let the truth reveal," this is Christian's new theme from his debut on ECW this year. I think that the one by Waterproof Blonde was better, but this is still a great song.

It sounds like a great song with just about the same lyrics as his past one. It just seems that every song Christian has is great.

AJ Styles: I Am

As the only star from TNA to make my list, AJ Style's phenomenal theme "I Am" is just about the best song in TNA today unless there are small arguments from Kurt Angle's song. AJ has the perfect theme for him and it tells a lot about his persona.

Batistia: I Walk Alone

Now this song does not capture the Batista character extremely well, but it is just a really good song to listen to. It's great sense of rock and its' stellar guitar solos make this so great to listen to.

You know if this were not a WWE song, it would probably be pretty popular.

John Cena: Basic Thuganomics

I know this isn't Cena's current theme, but "Basic Thugonomics" was a great song performed by John Cena. He simply had that great introduction and his song always told the fans that the white trash rapper was going to come in and rap trash about his opponent (Lesnar, Angle, Mysterio.)

Don't get me wrong, I hate his current songs but this is the only exception because it was just a cool rap song.

Jeff Hardy: No More Words

This song is just great to listen to as well. Once you hear the beat of those drums and those great lyrics, you know you are in for something exciting. Just to make this simple, it's a classic rock song that everyone loves

CM Punk: This Fire Burns

Same as Jeff Hardy, except with some musical changes in the guitar instead of the drums. This song exemplifies excitement and thrills and you know you would buy this if it were in stores. Randy Orton even preferred this over "Voices"

MVP: I'm Comin'

"Tick, tock, tick, tock....One, two...tick, tock, I want you remember me... I'm Comin.'' These are parts of the opening lyrics for MVP that is really the perfect song for himself. It has that sense of this guy has cash and has all the tools to be #1.

Triple H: King of Kings

This was in my opinion, Triple H's best song. It tells a great story with some great lyrics and a phenomenal musical performence. It tells that HHH is at the top of the WWE and everyone should bow to him and his accomplishments (as he will be bowing to Steph haha.)

Well these are in no specific order but my favorite is "Sexy Boy" for HBK. Before I go, here is a quick list of the worst songs in WWE/TNA.

Biscuts and Gravy-Jesse & Festus


????-DJ Gabriel

I Don't Do What You Tell Me (Remix)- Shark Boy

Kung Fu San- Kung Fu Naki

My World- Jeff Jarrett

Until next time...

I am The DJ Rallo

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