The 25 Worst Hairstyles in WWE History

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 8, 2013

The 25 Worst Hairstyles in WWE History

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    The WWE is a business of spectacular moments and outlandish happenings. Crazy stories are made up as huge, caricatures of human beings "fight" for belts. 

    One of the biggest factors in facilitating the strange stories and personalities are the physical appearances of the Superstars and Divas. 

    What better way to make a statement than with a wacky hairstyle, right? 

    However, adding an interesting hairstyle to a character doesn't always pay off. 

    Here are the 25 worst, most outlandish and just plain bad hairstyles in WWE history. 

The Criteria

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    Before the list begins, let's get one thing straight: it is doubtful that any two people will completely agree on the worst hairstyles in the WWE. 

    Therefore, here are the factors that I kept in mind while constructing my list: 

    1. Strangeness—The weirdness level. Some weird hairstyles can work, others simply cannot.

    2. Baditude—Baditude is a made up phrase. A made up phrase that, in this case, refers to the overall badness of the hairstyle. 

    3. Relevance—I tried to keep the list full of semi-relevant Superstars and Divas to be more familiar to the audience. I understand that there are probably many more obscure, random wrestlers with weirder hairstyles.

    Now, without further ado, the 25 worst hairstyles in WWE history.

Heath Slater

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    Heath Slater is one of the few current Superstars to make the list. The former Nexus and Corre member came into the WWE with a shorter red hairstyle and hasn't stopped growing it since. 

    Now, as you can see, it's gone past a normal rockin' dude's haircut to a full-on, "Would you like a frosty with that?" Wendy's hairstyle. 


Dolph Ziggler

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    Another current Superstar makes the list. Dolph Ziggler haters could argue for two appearances by Dolph on this list. Once for the bleach-blonde mop that he now sports and again for that one or two weeks where he changed his hair.

    Throughout a match, Ziggler's hair goes from bad to worse. It starts out as a bright yellow greasy slicked-back helmet and eventually becomes a bright yellow greasy mop. 

    Ziggler may be the biggest show off in the business, but his "spaghetti hair" as, according to Michael Cole, one WWE fan put it on Twitter, isn't anything to be proud of.

Stone Cold

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    Everyone remembers Steve Austin as the butt-whoopin', trash-talkin', beer drinkin' redneck Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

    Not as many people remember him as Stunning Steve Austin. During his time in WCW, Stone Cold appeared as Stunning Steve Austin and had a ROUGH hairdo. His long, blonde hair was already receding pretty far towards the back of his head and wasn't exactly stunning. 

    Maybe that's why Stone Cold was clean-shaven during his tenure in WWE. 

The Rock

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    Like Stone Cold, The Rock was follically-challenged during the early part of his career. 

    As the Rock began his ascent to the top of the business and his title of the "Most Electrifying Man in ALL Entertainment," he sported a ridiculous hairstyle. I'm not even sure what you'd call it (if someone knows, leave it in the comments). 

    Rock's hair made his head look like a pineapple which took a lot away from the Great One's dominant presence. 

Road Warriors

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    The Road Warriors were one of the greatest tag teams in all of professional wrestling. They had great moves, they had awesome outfits (especially the spiked shoulder pads) and had intimidating face paint. 

    Unfortunately, they were missing out on one major area; the hair. Hawk and Animal had bad hair. Animal had the mohawk, which got out of control a few times, while Hawk had the silly inverted mohawk. 

    The Road Warriors may have been titans in the tag team game, but in the hair game they were weird...and kind of unsettling. 

Scotty 2 Hotty

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    Scotty 2 Hotty was one of the great overlooked in-ring talents of the Attitude Era. Scotty was great in the ring and had a great thing going with fellow Too Cool members, Grandmaster Sexay and Rikishi. 

    When he wasn't doing the Worm or dancing with his buddies, he was cutting the tops off of his hats...for his hair to fit through. 

    Scotty 2 Hotty's SlimJim haircut didn't do anything to add legitimacy to Too Cool, which I guess was never really the was still ridiculous.  

Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho is another one of the great Superstars to make this list who lost his bad hairdo later in his career. 

    As Jericho made the switch from WCW to the WWE, he brought with him his crazy hairdo. His top-knot (is that a thing?) ponytail made him look like a teenage girl...with bad hair. Or a member of an 80s hair band...with bad hair.

    Jericho's huge, messy hair went right along with his whiny teenager persona, which kind of worked. Good thing he could back it up in the ring.  

The Red Rooster

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    Terry Taylor may not be a household name to every wrestling fan, but his hair during his Red Rooster gimmick couldn't keep him off this list. 

    Terry Taylor has done it all and been everywhere in the world of professional wrestling, and one of his many stints in the WWE brought this awful hairstyle back in 1988. He was teamed up with manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan for a while and at one point even took to strutting around the a rooster. 

    The blonde, long hair with dark brown on the top is bad enough, but add on a bright red mohawk on top? Plain silliness.


Tyson Kidd

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    Tyson Kidd came into the WWE with a lot of potential. He trained with the Harts, some say even in the famous Hart Dungeon. 

    Since his entrance into the WWE, Kidd has looked like a very talented high-flyer and technical wrestler, but many feel that he hasn't truly had a chance to shine recently. 

    I submit his old hairstyle as the possible reason. His shaved head with four spiky hairs on the front of his head was ludicrous. A guy who makes decisions like that can't be trusted with a serious program in the WWE.  

Road Dogg

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    Road Dogg was a huge part of the Attitude Era, as a part of the New Age Outlaws with Billy Gunn and eventually as part of DX. 

    Dogg's style was always a little strange, but nothing can compare to the strangeness of his hair. His hair was bad. He had long cornrows and/or dreadlocks and looked more like a diehard Korn fan than a pro wrestler. 

    Oh, you didn't know his hair was bad? It is. 

The Nasty Boys

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    Like the Red Rooster, The Nasty Boys aren't necessarily as fresh in the minds of fans as Dolph Ziggler or Heath Slater, but their hair is bad enough to make their little-known names onto the list. 

    Brian Knobs and Jerry Sags were known for a few things. Their black clothes during the very colorful 80s, their very stiff matches and backstage feuds and their mullethawks. 

    A mohawk alone; moderately bad. A mullet alone; pretty terrible. A mohawk plus a mullet? Some of the worst hair in WWE history.

Rick Rude

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    Rick Rude is one of the many Superstars on this list with a long history filled with a ton of accomplishments. He won championships in the WCW and the WWF before leaving the game, and was even one of the original members of Degeneration X. 

    One thing about Ravishing Rick Rude however, was his hair. Rude's big, poofy hair thing and dirty mustache made him look like a creepy uncle. 

    Rude's accomplishments are awesome; Rude's hair, however, is not. 

Jeff Hardy

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    Jeff Hardy is a journeyman. He and his brother made their own ring and wrestling organization in their backyard, he found his way into the WWE and now he's resurfaced as a major player in TNA's title scene. 

    Jeff has always been one of the best talents in the ring, but has always been a little out there, as well, donning a ton of face paint and weird clothes. One of the weirdest parts of his get-up was his hair.

    Jeff's hair, besides being all greasy and long, is hardly ever the same color and rarely looks good.  

Darren Young

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    Darren Young was one of the many young talents that found his way into major WWE programming over the past few years. He paid his dues in NXT and has become part of a pretty formidable, exciting tag team in the Primetime Players with Titus O'Neil. 

    Before picking his small afro on Monday Night Raw, Young was sporting a super haircut. Super Saiyan.

    As Darren Young was working his way up the WWE ladder, he had a ridiculously bad haircut. His Dragonball Z style hairdo would be ridiculous in one color, but adding the orangey-red color towards the top makes his head seriously look on fire.

    Darren Young's hair is as bad as his commentary.  

Missing Link

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    The Missing Link, portrayed by Dewey Robertson, was one of the many out-of-control wild men who needed a manager to "tame" him and bring him to the ring. 

    Missing Link was especially memorable for a few big reasons. He was managed by Bobby Heenan, had green and blue face paint and he had terrible hair. 

    While I understand that his hair wasn't meant to look good, they succeeded, because it didn't. Robertson's head was shaved in some places and long in others. His hair had no rhyme or reason and was one of the worst in WWE history.  

One Man Gang

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    George Gray is better known as The One Man Gang or Akeem "The African Dream" to wrestling fans. Gray spent time as part of the Twin Towers with Big Bossman and feuded with a few other moderately popular Superstars along the way. 

    Gray was a decent big man in the ring, but one of the negatives about his persona was his silly hairdo. Not only did the giant of a man decide to don a mohawk, but he donned a tiny square patch that could hardly be called a mohawk. It was like Drew Gooden took the little patch of hair off the back of his head and put it onto Gray's. 

    His hair was bad. A tiny patch of hair on a giant man? May as well shave your head.  

Ric Flair

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    Ric Flair is arguably one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the business. He's put on epic matches with just about everyone and has continued wooing (get it?) audiences at the ripe age of 63.

    Flair has always been loved by the crowds, but his Farrah Fawcett hairdo back in the day? Not necessarily a crowd-pleaser. His feathered and fabulous look got less fabulous as he got older and went from feathered and bad to slicked back, greasy and bad. 

    Ric Flair was a great champion, but had some bad hair.  

Luna Vachon

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    Luna Vachon was a strange persona. She went from accompanying Shawn Michaels to the ring at WrestleMania IX to being Goldust's manager to being the first woman to ever appear in a WWF video game. 

    As Luna was walking her winding path through professional wrestling's highest promotion, she was doing it with ridiculous hair. She had an awful long-haired mohawk, some weird poofy bangs and just some wacky, awful hairstyles throughout her time in the WWE.  


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    Kane's look was pretty simple. He was a big red monster with a mask and long hair, which is a formula that the WWE likes to follow. 

    Kane was unmasked in 2003 after losing a match to Triple H. It wouldn't be that bad if Kane was unmasked and revealed his "hideous" face and long hair, but instead it was revealed that Kane's long hair was mostly attached to the mask.

    The hair that Kane was left with made him look like a deranged, homeless clown.

    Thankfully Kane shaved his head and eventually donned the mask, complete with attached long hair, once again. 

Damien Demento

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    Damien Demento was a short-lived WWF performer who only had two claims to fame: wrestling (and losing) to the Undertaker on the debut episode of Raw in 1993 and having an awful hairdo. 

    Demento had a mostly shaved head with the exception of his long, dark hair on just the back.

    His bad hair didn't end there. He had an awful beard, featuring thin lines of hair on the sides of his mouth and a long, scraggly beard on his chin.

    Demento's loss to Taker and the hair gods had him destined for awfulness.  

Taka Michinoku

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    Taka Michinoku made his WWE debut in 1997 and was never really a huge player in the organization, beside his time as Light Heavyweight Champion. 

    One memorable thing about Michinoku, besides the Michinoku Driver, was his awful hair.

    He was doing awful Tyson Kidd hair before Kidd even set foot in the Hart Dungeon. Michinoku not only had the spiky bangs like Kidd, but dyed them blonde.

    I understand that there came a time in all young boys' lives when they thought frosted tips looked cool, but they don't. Especially when you do it like Michinoku. 

Koko B. Ware

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    Koko B. Ware's hair is on here for a reason much different than most of the wrestlers on the list so far. Ware's hairstyle wasn't bad, the especially bad part was the different colors Koko made his hair. 

    As seen above, Koko made his hair match his parrot on a few occasions, which was awful.

    The poorly colored hair made Koko look like a joke and was some of the silliest in WWE history.  

Shawn Michaels

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    Shawn Michaels is one of the best performers in WWE history. He's won every title worth winning, he's been nicknamed Mr. WrestleMania and he's put on some of the best matches in WWE's fabled history. 

    The Showstopper kept one thing constant along the way: his awful hair. Seriously, his hair was bad. His long, girly hair wasn't like other long-haired wrestlers who made it look manly (Kevin Nash, Triple H, etc.). Michaels' long hair just looked girly and ridiculous.

    HBK may be one of the most decorated performers in WWE history, but there is nothing show-stopping about his hair, just heartbreaking.  


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    Like HBK, Stone Cold and The Rock, The Undertaker is one of the best wrestlers that the WWE has ever and will ever see. 

    Unfortunately, WWE fans won't ever be able to see the Phenom's numerous awful haircuts. 

    It all began with this do, which is obviously awful in the most classic, mullet style since the creation of the word. Taker then moved on to this bad boy for a period of time, which was another one of those long-haired big man things that the WWE likes to do, which rarely worked. 

    Then, during last year's Road to WrestleMania, he shaved his head and revealed the short, half-mohawk shown above. 

    Taker is, and always has been amazing, but the dude needs to get it together with his hair. 

Hulk Hogan

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    And how could you make this list without including one of the most popular professional wrestlers ever, Hulk Hogan

    Hogan was one of the first WWE Superstars to become a household name and to go from professional wrestler, to actor (kind of) and become popular in other arenas. 

    Somehow, throughout all of his fame and fortune, Hogan kept his awful hair. 

    Hogan's hairline was almost completely receded by the time he got into professional wrestling and it was way too long to look intimidating or tough. 

    His long, bleach blonde hair paired with his goofy handlebar mustache/goatee, looked bad...BROTHER.