NHL Lockout: Latest Updates on Negotiations and Meetings

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NHL Lockout: Latest Updates on Negotiations and Meetings
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UPDATE: 1:07 A.M. January 3, 2013

Metings are over for the night. but both sides expect to meet tomorrow.


Here are some tweets on the negotiations from early this morning.


The NHL lockout appears to be nearing an end as both sides have come to agreement in principle to certain proponents of a new CBA. Could a tentative deal be in place by midnight?

Renaud Lavoie of RDS sent out a post in French, but a rough translation indicates that both sides have the same goal.

Owners and players have the same goal now: they absolutely want to reach an agreement before midnight tonight, so that the executive committee of the NHLPA decides to dissolve the union denial.

The threat is still important because it could slow down the negotiation process. 

Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal added this tweet about the upcoming deadline.

At the stroke of midnight, the window to file a disclaimer of interest would expire, and if both sides are as close as reports have indicated, there would be no logical reason to file.

Filing the official D.O.I. would probably break down all talks, and would lead to cancellation of a season, so meeting the midnight deadline as stated by Lavoie would be crucial.

Eric Macramalla, a TSN legal analyst, offered this update on the deadline to file a D.O.I., and how close the lockout is to ending.

The NHLPA will only file a disclaimer of interest if it believes the sides are not close to settlement. If Donald Fehr, the head of the NHLPA, concludes that there is still a significant gap between the sides and that settlement cannot be achieved in the short term, then expect the disclaimer to be filed today. For the NHLPA, the hope was that the threat of a disclaimer could act as a catalyst to getting a deal done on terms more favourable to the players. If that doesn't work, then the act of disclaiming interest and filing an antitrust action would be the next step in trying to get a deal done.

However, if the sides are close to a new deal, the NHLPA will not file the disclaimer. Ultimately, in a case like this, a disclaimer would likely extract some leverage in negotiations. If the sides are nearing a deal, the disclaimer would become unnecessary. As well, a disclaimer adds a layer of complexity to negotiations, and would just become a distraction if the sides are close.

Expect the NHLPA to treat the January 2 deadline as a now-or-never scenario.

Both Sides Have Agreement on Some Issues

With that in mind, the NHL and NHLPA have agreed in principle to parts of a new CBA that would focus on length of CBA, and the length of player contracts.

The Fourth Period added this update on the issue of contract length, an issue that was once a hill the NHL would "die on."

According to sources, the NHLPA has accepted the NHL's 10-year CBA term, though it has certain stipulations it has included as part of their acceptance, which the NHL has not yet agreed to.

One source told TFP the Players have also agreed on the NHL's proposed six-year free agent contract term limit (seven-years for those re-signing with their own teams), but have countered their 10 per cent variance.

The NHL and NHLPA have also agreed in principle to keep parts of the last CBA such as the entry level contract system and arbitration according to the TFP report.

This is beneficial news, because with the key issues now in place, the only chips left to fall are an agreement on pensions and a salary cap number.

Issues Still on Table

The NHL and NHLPA are expected to meet tonight in reference to the latest proposals on the table. The agenda of this meeting is expected to involve pensions and the salary cap.

Here are some updates from Darren Dreger and Greg Wyshynski on the pressing matters at the helm.

The NHL and NHLPA are currently scheduled to meet at 8:00 in New York City. That gives the two sides three hours and 59 minutes to come close enough to a deal so the NHLPA doesn't disclaim interest.

The clock will be ticking and tensions will be high, but the end could be near for this lengthy lockout.

Stay with Bleacher Report for the latest updates on the lockout, and the meetings in NYC.

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