The 7 Craziest Wrestling-Related News Stories from 2012

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The 7 Craziest Wrestling-Related News Stories from 2012

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    2012 was a year of many different changes in the wrestling industry, but it was also a year of many strange things happening in the lives of wrestlers.

    Celebrities, or in this case pro wrestlers, are always being watched like a hawk, and people love reading about their various activities outside the ring.

    This past year we had plenty of things to keep us occupied in the news, so let's take a look back at some of the craziest wrestling-related news stories of 2012.

Ken Shamrock Takes out Man, Realizes It's a Woman and Backs off

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    Former MMA great and WWE wrestler Ken Shamrock got into a little scuffle that left him feeling a bit guilty and confused.

    Shamrock was at a mall in California when he witnessed two women having a brawl outside a store.

    Instead of trying to film the action like the other witnesses, Shamrock took it upon himself to try to break things up.

    Unfortunately for Ken, a large woman decided he was sticking his nose where it didn't belong and jumped on his back.

    After Shamrock dropped the woman, people in the crowd pointed out her gender to Shamrock, who had apparently not known it was a woman attacking him. Reports say he backed off as soon as he knew it was a woman.

    Ken Shamrock was doing the right thing by trying to break up the fight, and the officers who responded to the scene realized that.

    I guess even the ladies shouldn't mess with the world's most dangerous man.

    Check out the full story on TMZ.

Sunny's Life Is Anything But...

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    WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch, known to the WWE world as Sunny, had a year of turmoil with multiple arrests and substance-abuse issues.

    In the span of one month, Ms. Sytch was arrested five times involving charges related to her ex-boyfriend. Three of those arrests happened in three days.

    Sunny has admitted her issues several times and has sought help for them on occasion. As a fan, I wish her nothing more than a safe road to a happy and healthy life.

    Hopefully, she can move past these legal issues and personal demons at some point and have a good career.

    To check out the full story, visit TMZ.

Chris Jericho Upsets a Whole Country

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    Brazil is known for Rio de Janeiro, bikini-clad models and Christ the Redeemer, but for Chris Jericho, the country holds a different memory.

    Jericho was playing the heel during a match where he decided to do what he does best, upset the crowd.

    He took a Brazilian flag and threw it on the ground before kicking it into the audience. Not his smartest move.

    This nearly started a riot, and Jericho was met by Brazilian police when he went to the back to explain why he desecrated their flag, a crime in Brazil.

    Jericho made it out of the country in one piece, but I bet he will think twice before kicking a flag again, since it led to a suspension.

    Check out the coverage of the incident on TMZ.

Shawn Daivari: Super Hero!

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    Shawn Daivari might have played a villain in the ring, but to the people on this train, he was the hero of the day.

    The story broke in October about how former WWE superstar Daivari was involved in an encounter on a train. Wrestlers are often involved in physical scuffles, so this was nothing new.

    The details of the story, however, really took people by surprise. Daivari took down a man in a rear-naked choke who was brandishing a knife and threatening to kill someone.

    He choked the man out and kept him in a submission hold until authorities were able to escort the man to jail; of course, this was probably after having the man clean himself up after urinating on himself during the choke hold.

    To read the story and see the video check out TMZ.

Jerry Lawler Suffers Heart Attack on Raw

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    One of the scariest moments for wrestling fans since the tragedy of Owen Hart's death came when Jerry Lawler suffered a massive heart attack live during Raw.

    Lawler had just competed in a match with CM Punk and was back behind the commentary table when the incident happened.

    Luckily for Lawler, trained medical professionals were already there and were able to help keep him alive until they could operate on him.

    Lawler has since returned and is back to his old self, but the moment will forever remind us that anything can happen at any time, and we should treasure our loved ones while we can.

CM Punk and Chris Brown Exchange Words on Twitter

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    Twitter has changed the world in so many ways. We have live updates about things happening from around the world like riots and protests, we get to see private pictures from celebrities and we get to see two people have an argument that will end up leading nowhere.

    CM Punk and Chris Brown certainly proved that last one right as they exchanged heated words over Twitter for a couple of days, and then nobody cared.

    The reason everything started was because CM Punk made his feeling known about Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna.

    Brown fired back by accusing CM Punk of using steroids, having inferior genitals and being a fame whore.

    Punk responded by challenging Brown to a no-holds-barred fight for charity, which Brown unfortunately turned down.

    To see coverage of the whole argument, head over to NY Daily News and TMZ.

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

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    Hulk Hogan found himself on the receiving end of the downfalls of not checking for hidden cameras when having sex with your best friend's wife in their bed when a sex tape was released featuring Hogan and Heather Clem, wife of Bubba the Love Sponge.

    Hogan and Bubba have had some heated exchanges in the media, but things have settled down, and now Hogan is worried about his new restaurant more than who sees his privates.

    This story was big news, and it ended up fading away just as fast since the full tape was never released.

    Check out the story over at Gawker. This is a link to the site that broke the original story and may feature some unsavory language.


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