Indiana Hoosiers: Grading the Pro Potential of Starting Five Players

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIJanuary 2, 2013

Indiana Hoosiers: Grading the Pro Potential of Starting Five Players

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    The Indiana Hoosiers are enjoying some great success at this point in the season.  At 13-1, the Hoosiers have officially brought basketball success back to the city of Bloomington.

    The Hoosiers are benefiting from a great freshman class, and are eagerly anticipating next year's class.  With so much talent coming in for coach Tom Crean, it looks like the Hoosiers will have continued success for the next few years.

    As the Hoosiers enter the Big Ten portion of their schedule, the starting five has already proven to be very impressive.  With the amazing talent of these players, some of them will begin to think about playing in the NBA.

    Here are grades for each starting player and their pro potential.

Yogi Ferrell

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    Yogi Ferrell has played well in his first year at Indiana University.  The freshman from Park Tudor in Indianapolis has begun to develop as a starting point guard for the Indiana Hoosiers.

    Ferrell has some great potential.  He is almost always the fastest player on the floor.  His agility and quickness combined with his impressive ball handling have left several defenders on the ground as he drives to the basket. 

    He is currently averaging 5.4 assists per game, and has an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.5.  His passes have been impressive, and have given other players some wide open looks.

    While Yogi is an incredible athlete, his jump shot has been struggling a bit this season.  Shooting on 34 percent from the field, Yogi will need to continue improving in that category.

    Ferrell's height is his biggest problem.  While listed at six feet tall, he appears much shorter on the field.  If he can continue to improve in his shooting and other areas, teams may overlook his height.

    Grade: C-

Jordan Hulls

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    Coming into the season, Jordan Hulls wasn't expected to be an NBA-caliber player.  However, Hulls has been incredible this season.

    Hulls has been a great shooter, especially at the three-point line.  Shooting 51 percent from behind the arc, Hulls has been a real weapon for the Hoosiers.

    With Hulls' height, he would likely be expected to play point guard in the NBA.  With that in mind, Hulls will need to continue to develop his ball handling.

    Grade: C+

Christian Watford

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    Perhaps best known for his game-winning shot against the Kentucky Wildcats, Christian Watford has become a well-known face in Indiana.

    Watford has been an impressive player all-around.  His ability to play well on defense and also be a deadly scorer has helped his team.  He is currently averaging 12.5 points and 6.4 rebounds per game.

    Watford's size and athleticism will likely have him anywhere from the 2 to 4 spots on the court.  While able to guard bigger players, he can also shoot from the outside, something that is rare in a 6'9" player.

    The big thing that Watford will need to fix is his shot selection.  While his shooting percentage isn't terrible, some of his shots have been bad.  If he can fix this, he is an elite player.

    Grade: B 

Victor Oladipo

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    The first thing you notice when you see Victor Oladipo is his incredible athleticism.  He is not a small player, but his speed scares the opposing teams.

    Oladipo is currently having an All American season.  He is averaging 13.6 points and 2.4 steals per game.  His shooting percentage is an impressive 67 percent.

    There isn't much that Oladipo needs to fix, but he could perhaps improve his outside shooting.  While he is an expert at driving to the basket, the NBA will require him to take more jump shots.

    Grade: A

Cody Zeller

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    Cody Zeller, the preseason National Player of the Year, is having a great season so far.

    Averaging 16.6 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 1.3 blocks per game, Zeller has been an absolute beast on the court.  His shooting has been good, shooting 62 percent.

    Zeller's height could make him a valuable center or power forward in the NBA.  At seven feet tall, he can guard and dominate most big men in the post.  He has become a much stronger player since last season.

    Zeller will need to improve his free throw shooting to solidify a potential top pick in the NBA.  At only 72 percent shooting from the line, there is certainly room for improvement in that area.

    That being said, Zeller is a complete package.  If he can continue to play well, he could be the top rated player going into the draft next year, if he decides to go pro.

    Grade: A+