Craigslist Ads for NFL Teams Seeking New Talent

Old AccountSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2013

BERKELEY, CA - NOVEMBER 10:  Head Coach Chip Kelly of the Oregon Duck looks on during pre-game warm ups before their NCAA College football game against the California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium on November 10, 2012 in Berkeley, California.  (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
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As the 2013 NFL playoffs is set to begin, 20 teams have officially closed up shop for the offseason and turn their focus to begin building for next year. It was evident that plenty of teams are in need of a change, as seven head coaches and five general managers were relieved of their duties on "Black Monday".

However, there are ten teams that are in need of some improvement this offseason, whether it's hiring a general manager, head coach or simply upgrading the roster with more talent. If these teams were desperate enough to have an ad on Craigslist, this is how it would shape up.

Cleveland Browns: Need Head Coach and General Manager

For years, the organization has endured plenty of turmoil and plenty of losing. But a bright and young head coach and general manager will have the tools to change the formula. We support one of the younger teams in the league, and strides were made this year after a 7-9 record. The surging defense led by Joe Haden will only improve while Trent Richardson is already emerging as one of the best running backs in the game.

With new ownership now in place, both winning and stability will be main priorities heading into the coming seasons.

Arizona Cardinals:  Need Head Coach and General Manager

This franchise is just a few years removed from a near victory in the Super Bowl. Now, we need a veteran head coach and a young general manager to help us compete in the NFC West. After all, the majority of the pieces are in place. Patrick Peterson leads a young defense that is one of the more improved units in the league, while Larry Fitzgerald can still play at an All-Pro level. You two will ultimately have the power in deciding who the quarterback will be in 2013, and beyond.

New York Jets: General Manager 

Two years removed from an second straight AFC championship, we are in need of a new direction to help us return to the league's elite. It starts up at the top with the general manager, who can decide this team's fate through successful drafting and managing the salary cap very effectively. With the NFL quickly forming into a quarterback driven league, it's essential to have a young general manager in place who is able to adapt to how the game is played. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: General Manager

A new era has begun in Jacksonville, where ownership is committed to begin building the right way to bring the attention and energy that this fan base deserves. This process begins with finding a young general manager who has adapted to how the game of football has drastically changed in the last decade. You will ultimately have the choice on deciding the fate of the future head coach of this football team, but hope to give coach Mularkey at least one more year on the job. With a surplus of draft picks, the building begins now.

Kansas City Chiefs: Head Coach

Our organization has been known for its longevity and jump starting the National Football League. Now, it's time for results to occur and to bring this loyal fan base the championship team it deserves. The starting talent is in place, as five players from our roster made the Pro Bowl this year. More importantly, with the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft, you will have the power to bring in the franchise quarterback who can lead this team to the promised land.

Philadelphia Eagles: Head Coach

It was tough to move on from a culture that has led to success for 14 years, but the new search has begun for our next head coach. You will be given all of the tools needed to succeed, as ownership will spend the money necessary to bring championships back to Philadelphia. The quarterback situation is in flux, but you deserve the right to take the franchise in your own direction and accomplish whatever is necessary for this team to return to prominence.

Buffalo Bills: Head Coach

Our franchise has been on the wrong end for quite some time, but that is bound to change with our next head coach. It might be a quarterback driven league, but the motto "defense wins championships" never gets old. Whether it's a first year head coach or one with experience, the talent is on the roster to compete at a winning level in the near future. A new franchise quarterback is needed at the helm, but you will be given the power to ultimately decide what direction this team goes in.

San Diego Chargers: General Manager Head Coach

For years, we came up short of a Super Bowl during Norv Turner's tenure. It's now time to send a message to our team and our fans that our new personnel is here to get us back on track. You will have the opportunity to build around Philip Rivers, a quarterback who was in the elite conversation a few years ago. The focus is to improve the talent around Rivers, which includes wide receiver and hiring an offensive minded head coach. The defense in place is good enough to compete against the best in the league. Now, the same must be said for the offense.

Chicago Bears: Offensive Minded Head Coach

 The Chicago Bears have been proud to be known for their dominant defenses that led to playoff appearances and championships. However, we are looking for a head coach who has found success on offense and can make this team is an instant winner. The core pieces are in place, with a franchise quarterback along with quality running backs and receivers. Improvements are needed on the offensive line, and the defense needs to get younger. Though, the talent is in place for the Bears to return to their championship glory. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Offensive Coordinator

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been defined by our championship teams and the ability to compete for the Lombardi Trophy each year. We have come short of that goal for the second straight season, and thus it's time to make adjustments. It begins with our offensive coordinator position, one that will soon be open to all coaches. We have the talent in place, as our championship winning quarterback and young wide receivers gives us a good platform. The offseason will be essential to improve our offensive line, thus giving you the best opportunity to fully utilize all of the talent on this roster.