Miami Heat Stock Watch: Players Rising and Falling Near Season's Halfway Point

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IIJanuary 1, 2013

Miami Heat Stock Watch: Players Rising and Falling Near Season's Halfway Point

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    As we near the halfway point of this exciting NBA season, players throughout the league are beginning to find their stock rising or falling.

    Even the best of players and teams go through droughts, including the defending champions, the Miami Heat.

    With such a talented roster, it's necessary to bring your A-game day in and day out in Miami. 

    At this point, some guys are making it clear that they deserve extended playing time, while other players solidify themselves a position on the bench.

    It's a new year and these trends are likely to change, but as of now, here are the Miami Heat players currently on stock watch.


    Stats accurate as of January 1, 2013.

Rising: LeBron James

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 28.3

    RPG: 7.7

    APG: 7.3

    MPG: 39.3

    FG%: .547

    STPG: 1.9

    BLKPG: 1.0

    It's not hard to see why LeBron James' stock is rising. Just take a look at his stats over the past 10 games, as he continues to play at an MVP level once again. 

    James is arguably the best player in the NBA and undoubtedly the best player in Miami.

    Expect to see James' stock to grow all season. One of the surer stocks to invest in league-wide.

Falling: Shane Battier

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 6.4

    RPG: 2.7

    APG: 0.8

    MPG: 26.3

    FG%: .333

    STPG: 0.3

    BLKPG: 0.9

    The Heat are slowly but surely going away from small ball, which means a reduction in minutes for Shane Battier.

    Looking at Battier's numbers, he's clearly not the most impressive rebounder. Instead, Miami relies on him to stretch the floor and do the dirty work that often times goes unnoticed.

    Nevertheless, Battier's stock is quickly falling with the reemergence of Udonis Haslem.

    Like all stock, this is subject to chance. Despite averaging 26.3 minutes a game over the last 10, his role is a diminishing one.




Rising: Norris Cole

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 3.5

    RPG: 1.4

    APG: 1.7

    MPG: 18.2

    FG%: .341

    STPG: 0.6

    BLKPG: 0.2

    Norris Cole's numbers do not him do him justice. What he brings to the table is energy and, more importantly, great on-ball pressure off the bench. 

    As the second-year guard's confidence continues to grow, Cole will continue to become more and more important to this Heat team. 

    He has arguably outplayed Chalmers this season, and as a result, Cole's stock is rising through the roof. 

Falling: Rashard Lewis

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 3.5

    RPG: 1.4

    APG: 1.7

    MPG: 18.2

    FG%: .341

    STPG: 0.6

    BLKPG: 0.2

    Rashard Lewis was providing great minutes off the bench for the Heat earlier in the season. But, in Miami's last 10 games he's averaged a mere 18 minutes a game and is shooting only 34 percent from the floor.

    Lewis has all the tools and potential to become a very solid role player for this championship-contending Miami Heat team. He's got the size of Haslem with the stroke of Battier.

    However, he's yet to live up to the potential, and his stock continues to plummet. 

Rising: Dexter Pittman

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 2.0

    RPG: 2.3

    APG: 0.0

    MPG: 3.7

    FG%: .600

    STPG: 0.0

    BLKPG: 0.0

    This one may surprise you, but hear me out. 

    Pittman was recently sent down to the D-league by the Miami Heat, but instead of hanging his head and complaining about it, he posted an impressive double-double in his most recent game.

    Attempting to prove he is not a lost cause, Pittman's stock is back on the rise despite not suiting up for Miami at the moment. 

    For his sake, hopefully all his hard work pays off one day.

Falling: Dwyane Wade

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    Last 10 Games 

    PPG: 20.7

    RPG: 5.3

    APG: 4.8

    MPG: 32.4

    FG%: .519

    STPG: 1.3

    BLKPG: 0.6

    I understand that Wade is playing alongside LeBron James, but these are not superstar numbers. 

    Wade is still one of the best players in the league, but at this point it's clear that his age is beginning to take its toll on him. 

    Averaging just over 20 points in his last 10 games, he is one of the main reasons Miami has not been as impressive as many people expected this year. 

    Wade's falling stock has nothing to do with lack of hard work, but the truth of the matter is, he's getting up there.

    Nevertheless, he's still shooting over 50 percent and doing other things to help his team win. He's still no easy cover.