The 10 Best Viral Videos from the NFL's Regular Season

Ryan Alfieri@Ryan_AlfieriCorrespondent IIIJanuary 2, 2013

The 10 Best Viral Videos from the NFL's Regular Season

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    For both good and bad reasons, the 2012 NFL season was certainly entertaining both on and off the field.

    From Norwegian kicking sensations to replacement refs to Mark Sanchez being Mark Sanchez, this season left behind several golden videos for us to enjoyment. 

    Here are the top 10 viral videos from the 2012 NFL season...


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    This video of a Norwegian man kicking a football in all kinds of ridiculous ways is not an NFL player yet, but he could be soon as he was given a tryout with the Jets

    In this video, he kicks footballs through uprights, over hills and onto moving cars. He kicks a football better than most people can throw it. 

    The recently fired Mike Tannenbaum may have built a flawed roster, but credit him for thinking outside the box. In addition to bringing this guy in, he signed Australian rugby player Hayden Smith over the summer, and Smith made it to the active roster. 

Boy Dancing with Bucs Cheerleaders

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    The Bucs may not have been able to give their fans much to cheer about with their late-season collapse, but little Christian Bottger sure did.

    How on earth does a kid even land this gig? His dad is the team's video production manager and has a keen eye for dance talent. He was also seen on the Today Show earlier in the month. 

    Not only is he a better dancer than PSY, he doesn't need to wear sunglasses all the time to look cool. 

Replacement Refs Rap

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    There really is no easier target in American sports than the NFL's replacement refs. If you are going to beat a dead horse and poke fun at them, you better be creative. 

    This guy does the near-impossible and makes a Flo Rida song have a real, deep meaning. The best (or most frightening) part about the song is that he really doesn't exaggerate the replacements' ineptitude at all. 

    After all, would you really put it past those guys to review the coin toss?

    (h/t Daily Mail)

Every Fan in 90 Seconds

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    The same guy who made the replacement ref rap is at it again, except this time, his target is the fans. 

    Every fanbase is annoying to someone, in its own special way. This man sums up every fanbase in a minute-and-a-half. If you don't think you sound like the fans he is referring to, you are exactly the fans he is referring to. 

    The best ones? Jets, Ravens, Cowboys, Chargers, Seahawks.

Danny Webber Meets Andrew Luck

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    We take a break from humor to remember a touching segment first shown on Showtime's Inside the NFL in which Danny Webber, an elderly man who has come down with a terminal disease, has all of his dreams come true when he meets Andrew Luck and the rest of the Colts at a Colts game. 

    These kinds of stories are always touching, but this one is unique from other "Make a Wish" stories because the celebrity is a young man and the patient is older. It is amazing how highly Webber thinks of Luck, calling him "the best player the Colts will ever have" and breaks down in tears after the interaction. 

    Of course, the Colts deserve a hat tip for helping Webber's dream be realized. 

Adam Hayward Shoves Coach

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    Remember that Buccaneers collapse I was referring to earlier? Yeah, this is it. 

    Heated arguments between players and coaches happen all the time in the NFL, as emotions are running wild and the stakes are high. However, when the conflict goes from verbal to physical, the line is crossed. 

    As seen in the video, Adam Hayward pushed position coach Bryan Cox. 

    This all but affirms the rumblings of a conflict growing between the players and coaches, with the players accusing the coaches of treating them like college amateurs (via PFT).

    “Can we send these coaches back to college?” one player asked after the game.

    Hayward was clearly out of line for pushing his coach, but perhaps Greg Schiano and his staff can learn a lesson from this incident. 

The Butt Fumble

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    "Hilarious." "Incompetent." "Inexplicable." "lolwut."

    All of those terms can be used to describe both the Jets season and this now-infamous fumble by Mark Sanchez. 

    No one knows why Sanchez didn't see Brandon Moore's gigantic rear end right in front of him, but somehow Sanchez took the meaning of "lack of field awareness" to a new level. 

    The worst part is the play occurred on Thanksgiving night in front of the entire country and will now be categorized with plays like Dan Marino's fake spike in 1994 as one of the most embarrassing plays in NFL history. 

    The real loser here? Moore. A great guard and a stand-up character, Moore will be better known for this one play (where he actually does a good job blocking Vince Wilfork on his own) because of Sanchez's inexplicable mistake. 

Jim Harbaugh's Weird Metaphor

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    Most great coaches have somewhat odd personalities, but this gem by Jim Harbaugh must have made everyone in the press conference do a hard double-take. 

    Harbaugh has gone out of his way to defend Alex Smith many times, and it looks like he has finally run out of ways to say the same thing, calling criticism of Smith "gobble gobble turkey."

    What is "gobble gobble turkey," and where does it come from? According to Harbaugh, it's, "Just gobble, gobble, gobble turkey from jive turkey gobblers. You know. It paints a pretty good picture."

    The more you watch this video, the more it sounds like Harbaugh is just trolling the media for the heck of it. 

Touchdown Seahawks?

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    With the exception of this play, the replacement ref era will be something we all look back on and laugh about, like we do when we think about how stupid we all were in junior high. 

    This play, however, will live in infamy. 

    The Packers were robbed of a rightful interception that cost them the game, but luckily for the NFL, they still won their division and made the playoffs rather comfortably.The other 31 fans benefited because this was the last game in which replacement refs were used, as the NFL caved and struck a deal with the regular officials later in the week. 

    The best part about the video was the two officials standing over the play making contradictory calls, creating a perfect, lasting image by which to remember the replacement official era. 

This Is SportsCenter: John Clayton

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    ESPN's commercial series for SportsCenter is better than most of the daytime programming they put out, but this one with NFL insider John Clayton has to be the best of all time. 

    From now on, every time you watch Clayton on ESPN, you start to have curious thoughts as to whether or not there really is a long ponytail tied up behind him.