Indian Premier League: Outsourced To South Africa

Kenny Roger MoiseContributor IMarch 28, 2009

Indeed a year has gone by and elections have changed the atmosphere in a nation like India. However, the magic of IPL is all set to resume and this time it has a major difference. It is happening in South Africa.

Much has been debated about this move and a lot of it being on the grounds of political mileage. Well here are some thoughts I would like to share about the last IPL. Cash rich teams, icon player system and then having a mix of players from across the globe, it was indeed a fiesta of cricket.

It was also an introduction of a whole new set of cricketing scenarios. When Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar (Kolkata Knight Riders) rattled the batting order of the Delhi Daredevils by taking the first four wickets, the whole city of Kolkata erupted in joy.

It is hard to believe that this happens in a nation where it almost a second nature of people to verbally abuse players of the neighbouring nation. IPL has brought in lots of new perspectives.

Well, its all set to begin again mid-April as Cricketing officials in South Africa and India are breaking their heads to make sure it happens. Besides with the English cricketers making their foray into this version, it can only get better.

The teams are looking a bit different this time with new players for each. Defending champs Rajasthan Royals are definitely going to face some heat this time. It is indeed a celebration of sorts. Lets hope that all goes well and it happens as planned.