Oklahoma State Football: Grading All 22 Starters from the Heart of Dallas Bowl

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2013

Oklahoma State Football: Grading All 22 Starters from the Heart of Dallas Bowl

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    The Oklahoma State Cowboys were heavily favored in their Heart of Dallas Bowl matchup against the Purdue Wildcats, and it showed.

    The Cowboys' defense played its best game of the season and the offense was its usual high-flying self, leading the team to a 58-14 victory Tuesday.

    Oklahoma State played well across the board, but a few players stood out and received higher grades for their exemplary play. 

Clint Chelf

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    Final Grade: A

    Clint Chelf carved up Purdue's secondary all day long.

    His passes were, for the most part, crisp and accurate all day, as Chelf steamrolled his way to three touchdowns.

    He gets a small knock because of a couple of missed deep balls to Isaiah Anderson, but all in all, he looked to make a strong case as the opening day starter for 2013.

Joseph Randle

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    Final Grade: B

    Randle had, by his standards, a less-than-stellar game.

    He only managed 66 yards on 17 carries, but he didn't have to be his usual amazing self because of how well the rest of the team played.

    Randle churned out tough yards against Purdue's highly-touted front four, and it's hard to knock him given his team won by 44 points.

Charlie Moore

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    Final Grade: B+

    Moore has shown a penchant for the big play in 2012, and today was no different.

    He only had four catches, but one of those was for a touchdown and another was a big 28-yard gainer.

    Moore almost added another TD to his day, but some good coverage knocked the ball away at the last second.

Josh Stewart

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    Final Grade: A+

    Josh Stewart was like a can of Red Bull every time he touched the ball, injecting copious amounts of energy into the sideline and the fans on every play.

    Stewart started his day with a 64 yard punt return that saw him break four tackles. Then he added on 67 total offensive yards on six touches.

    Just in a days work for the Cowboys most dependable playmaker.

Blake Jackson

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    Final Grade: B+

    Jackson only has 30 catches this season, but he makes the most of it when he gets the ball.

    He did the same thing against Purdue, averaging over 16 yards per catch along with a 26-yard touchdown.

    Jackson also drew a long pass interference call that said up the previously mentioned score.

Isaiah Anderson

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    Final Grade: A+

    Anderson gets a little bit of the benefit of the doubt here because, while he had a great game, it could've been much better.

    Anderson lead Oklahoma State receivers with 78 yards and a touchdown, but he beat his man deep two more times.

    If quarterback Clint Chelf had been able to make better throws, Anderson would've ended the day with well over 100 yards and three scores.

    That said, it wasn't a bad day at the office, even with the two poor throws.

Offensive Line

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    Offensive Line: B+

    The offensive line played as well as expected against Purdue.

    Outside of a Kawann Short sack, the line gave Clint Chelf all the time in the world to throw and the team's five total passing touchdowns show just that.

    The run blocking could've been a little better, but there were quite a few holes opened for Randle, he just couldn't make the first man miss at the second level.

Cooper Bassett

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    Final Grade: C+

    Along with Nigel Nicholas, Bassett was pretty much a non-factor in this contest.

    Niether player made very many plays (between them they had a tackle and pass defended), but they didn't really make mistakes either.

    Just an average game from both of these linemen.

Tyler Johnson

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    Final Grade: A+

    Tyler Johnson isn't listed as a starter, but he was a star player in this bowl game.

    Johnson had six tackles, two sacks, and two forced fumbles against Purdue and was the leading playmaker in the front seven.

    Johnson's been making game-changing plays all year, so his performance against the Boilermakers shouldn't be a surprise.

Ryan Robinson

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    Final Grade: B

    Ryan Robinson didn't make many game-altering plays, but he did manage to get six total tackles, including a tackle for loss.

    Robinson's play along the front of the line became better as the game wore on and he began to get pressure on Purdue quarterback Robert Marve.

Calvin Barnett

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    Final Grade: B-

    The Big 12's Defensive Newcomer of the Year didn't quite cap of his season with his best performance, but he still played fairly well.

    His tipped pass at the line of scrimmage lead to a Shamiel Gary interception. He also added a tackle for loss and got some pressure on Robert Marve in the second half.

    His grade takes a bit of a hit thanks to a stupid unnecessary roughness penalty after the team had just tackled Purdue for a big loss in the second quarter. 

Shaun Lewis

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    Final Grade: C

    Shaun Lewis was surprisingly a non-factor is this game, managing only two tackles.

    Part of that could be due to Alex Elkins early injury that might've lead to Lewis playing a more conservative game.

    However, when you're the team's best defensive player, it's expected that you put up a better effort in your school's bowl game.

Alex Elkins

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    Final Grade: B-

    As mentioned previously, Elkins went out early with an injury; however, prior to that he was playing well in run support.

    Elkins actually made quite a few plays early and looked like he was on his way to a big day.

    Unfortunately, the injury forced him out and his attempt at a comeback later saw him injury himself further.

Caleb Lavey

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    Final Grade: B

    Caleb Lavey's biggest contribution in this game was probably that he held down the middle linebacker position after Elkins' injury.

    True, immediately after Elkins left Purdue was able to rack up quite a few rushing yards.

    However, Lavey made some nice plays, including a second half sack and a few hits on running back Akeem Shavers that dropped him at the line of scrimmage.

Broderick Brown

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    Final Grade: A-

    Broderick Brown hasn't been the same playmaker he was in 2011, but he left his mark on his final game as a Cowboy.

    Brown finished the game with five tackles, two tackles for loss and a fumble recovery in the fourth quarter.

    He wasn't the best player on the field today, but Brown was a major factor in Oklahoma State's outstanding defensive effort against Purdue.

Justin Gilbert

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    Final Grade: A

    In what was probably the play of the game, Just Gilbert hit and stripped the ball from a Purdue receiver and the ball fell into Daytawion Lowe's arms, as he ran it back for a 36-yard score.

    Gilbert's impact wasn't limited to that one play though. 

    He also added six tackles, ending a few Purdue drives with his sure tackling.

Shamiel Gary

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    Final Grade: A+

    Both Oklahoma State safeties had huge days for the Cowboys this week, as each had turnovers.

    Gary's takeaway came in the form of an interception off a tipped pass.

    Outside of getting the first of five turnovers, Gary also co-lead the team in tackles and forced at least two Purdue drives to stall with open-field tackles.

Daytawion Lowe

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    Final Grade: A+

    Obviously, Lowe's touchdown return is the play everyone's going to talk about, and rightfully so.

    However, Lowe's amazing performance didn't end there. 

    He also co-lead the team in tackles along with Shamiel Gary, as well as helping to force another fumble along with Lyndell Johnson.

    It's hard to have your safety tandem have a better game than the Cowboys did today.

Quinn Sharp

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    Final Grade: A+

    Quinn Sharp is the best special teams player in the nation.

    If you didn't believe it before, you have to now. He connected on all three of his field goals, including a 42-yarder, and nailed all seven extra points.

    Add in the fact that all three of his punts were downed in the opponent's 20 and that they all all went for over 52 yards (he drilled his first punt for 65 yards), and there's just no denying how good this kid is.