LeBron James Walks the Dog, Clearly Disinterested in Dribbling Basketball

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 1, 2013

LeBron James will get to that whole dribbling of the basketball thing way later. 

Anything you can do, the King will do bigger, badder and better, even something as mundane as picking up a basketball. 

SportsGrid does us all a solid in finding this video and reminding us that walking the dog is still a thing in the NBA, and James is rather fond of using it. 

Walking the dog is how basketball players get the ball up court without wasting any time off the clock. James here wasted pretty much the better part of the day. 

The play comes during a game in Orlando on Monday, one the Heat would eventually win, 112-110. 

Unfortunately, I am at a loss as to when this took place during the game or what the score was at the time. If any of you readers are privy to those deets, by all means sound off. 

It would have to be a pretty tight game at the end of a quarter for James to resort to walking the dog all the way past half court. 

The announcer also makes the observation that James should be called for five seconds, even though the ball was technically inbounded already. 

Still, he should have been called for something, anything. Because absolutely no basketball was happening for far too long in this game.

The King will dribble when he is good and ready.

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