TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: Sting Targets Aces and 8s, a Steel Cage and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJanuary 3, 2013

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The year 2013 has arrived, and TNA Wrestling looks to carry the momentum they had in 2012 into the New Year.

For the very first episode of Impact Wrestling of 2013, TNA has confirmed at least one match with the assertion of a few more, while Sting will also be making his return to try and put an end to the menace that plagues TNA.

So here’s what TNA has in store for the fans this week!


TNA Wrestler of the Year: Who Did the Fans Vote For?

For the year 2012, TNA Wrestling had a lot of shining stars. Whether it was Bobby Roode’s record-breaking World Championship reign, Austin Aries breaking Roode’s reign or Jeff Hardy’s career going from rock bottom to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, last year was a great year for some in the company.

Roode, Aries and Hardy aren’t the only nominees, though, as the “Cowboy” James Storm and Bully Ray are also up for the distinction of being called the best wrestler of the year in TNA.

Haven’t voted yet? Then click here to cast your vote!

Who will be the Wrestler of the Year? Will your vote lead to the winner?


The Hulk, the Bully and the Daughter: Drama Ensues between the Hogans and Bully Ray

Towards the end of 2012, the executive in charge of the Knockouts division, Brooke Hogan, had been caught with Bully Ray. They weren’t seen doing anything intimate; Bully and Brooke were just talking and sitting on a couch. That didn’t stop Hulk Hogan from thinking the worst, though.

Despite both Bully Ray and his beloved daughter vowing that nothing was going on, the Hulkster suspicions remained strong. Those suspicions rang true a few weeks ago when, as he left the Impact Zone, Hogan saw his daughter and the veteran wrestler making out beside a car.

This situation caused the general manager to be a no-show at the show that he runs last week, and this week it seems like he’ll be back to confront Bully Ray and Brooke.

What will happen when Hogan tells them what he had seen? Will this drama with his daughter impede his ability to do his job?


Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs. the Aces and Eights: Steel Cage Match

The Aces and 8s have been aiming to take out TNA talent since they debuted after Slammiversary X. They have taken out the likes of Sting, Eric Young, Magnus and Kurt Angle. In terms of the Olympic gold medalist, though, they didn’t quite get the job done.

The Aces and 8s have tried targeting his knee to no avail and have even tried an all-out beat down, but each attack has failed to eliminate Angle. Now with his former enemy by his side, he has formed a dream team with Samoa Joe to help in the fight against the group of masked men.

This week on Impact Wrestling, the Olympic gold medalist and the Samoan Submission Machine take on Aces and 8s’ Sgt. at Arms Devon and one of the masked members inside of a steel cage.

Can Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe put a notch in the win column for TNA, or will the Aces and 8s continue to have the momentum?


Revenge is Coming: Sting Returns to End the Aces and 8s

When the Aces and 8s debuted in June, their first target was Sting. They have since moved on to other targets, but the wrestling legend stayed on their radar.

The Icon acted as a general of sorts for the TNA army as he led the roster in the fight against the renegade group. Things took a turn for the worse on the November 8 episode of Impact Wrestling, though.

The former Luke Gallows, now known as the Director of Chaos, beat the Stinger with a hammer and the response time to help him was too slow. The Aces and 8s had taken out the leader of the TNA army and things spun out of control with the masked men gaining the TNA Television Championship and taking out a few other wrestlers.

A few weeks ago, this video began to air and questions started to arise. What did it mean? Who was coming? Then things became clear when Sting appeared and vowed to take down the Aces and 8s once and for all, starting with the man that took him out, DOC.

The date in the video is today and the Icon returns to TNA for some good, old-fashioned revenge.

What does Sting have planned for the Aces and 8s? Will Magnus and Eric Young return from their attacks to back him up? Could this really be the beginning of the end to the Aces and 8s?

TNA Wrestling also mentions that the Knockouts will be in action while the stars of the X-Division will be present as well. The first episode of Impact Wrestling of 2013 is shaping up to be a good one. Can TNA start out the New Year with a bang? Tune in to find out!


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