Jadeveon Clowney Video: Watch South Carolina Star Destroy Vincent Smith

Tim KeeneyContributor IJanuary 1, 2013

All it takes is one hit.

Well, one massive, Twitter-erupting, earth-shattering, helmet-removing hit.

After being contained for most of the Outback Bowl, South Carolina defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney broke through Michigan's offensive line and made Vincent Smith's life absolutely miserable with the hit in the above video. 

Oh, so that's why Clowney is regarded by many as the best player—on either side of the ball—in the nation. 

Not only did he rock Smith with one of the biggest hits you'll ever see, but he did it eight yards behind the line of scrimmage, forced a fumble and subsequently picked up the fumble with one hand like the pigskin was a Nerf ball.

Clowney's big play was essentially football's version of "Ball Don't Lie."

Just one play prior, Michigan clearly came up short of a first down (which was even measured) but was awarded a new set of downs anyways, setting South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier into an absolute rage.

It's a good thing for Spurrier that he has someone on his side like Clowney, who has made life for the rest of the SEC miserable all season long and can swing momentum after a bad call in an instant.

Unfortunately for anyone who must play the Gamecocks next season, Clowney is just a true sophomore, which means he'll be causing havoc like this for all of 2013.