5 NBA Stars You Should Be Following on Instagram

Brendan BowersContributor IIJanuary 2, 2013

Houston Rockets James Harden
Houston Rockets James HardenScott Halleran/Getty Images

Instagram provides a unique glimpse into life as an NBA star.

Behind-the-scenes content, once available for fans only through mainstream-media channels, is now supplied directly from the players themselves through Instagram.

An increasing number of NBA stars are engaged in the social-media platform too, posting a wide range of pictures on a regular basis.

Whether it's traveling from game-to-game through the NBA circuit, rocking out in an ugly Christmas sweater, or anything else in between, it can all be found on Instagram these days.

It's an entertaining and engaging application as a result, especially if you know who to follow.

Below are five of those NBA stars you should be following on Instagram. Each picture is from that player's respective account.

Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Love: kevinlove

Kevin Love was one of the best Olympic athletes to be following this summer during the London Games. The photos he shared of Team USA behind the scenes were tremendous.

Playing now for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Love's Instagram game is still as strong as ever. He's been taking a lot of pictures of Ricky Rubio lately, and they're all funny. 

Like this one, for example, where Rubio is breaking down the intricacies of Rubik's cubing for fellow teammate Derrick Williams.

Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant: sniperjones35

Kevin Durant, aka sniperjones35, is an Instagram veteran.

The 300-plus photos he's shared since starting his account are considerably more than anyone else on this list. 

He brings a versatile offering to the social media space as well.

In this picture, as one example, Durant is wearing a Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins' jersey while rooting his hometown team into the NFL playoffs.

Houston Rockets' James Harden: jharden13

You may have read this headline and thought, 'I bet James Harden's beard works pretty well on Instagram.' 

You would've been right to think that way, too, if you did.

Harden features the beard in multiple pictures, usually in combination with a randomly funny facial expression.

In one with teammate Jeremy Lin, the caption Harden posted reads, "Linsanity with Beardsanity."

In this picture with Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, Harden is busting out the Heisman pose alongside the Texas A&M quarterback from the Houston Rockets' locker room.

Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul: cp3 

It's just a picture of Chris Paul and his son. 

Only Paul is also wearing an extremely tacky Christmas sweater highlighted by an obnoxiously bad turtleneck.

All of which combined to make this a great look for CP3 on his Instagram feed over the holidays.

He also highlights everything from one-on-one games in the living room with his son to life in the Los Angeles Clippers locker room. Justin Bieber even made a cameo on Paul's Instagram page recently.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving: k1irving

Kyrie Irving has been providing a unique look into life as "Uncle Drew" over the last year through Instagram.

Those pictures alone could be reason enough to give Irving a follow.

Besides that, though, he's also shared a wide range of other photos. 

Irving's been dressed up like skateboarder, commented on meeting Jay-Z recently and posted pictures from his high school days with then-teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

This, in addition to the traditional Cleveland Cavaliers-related pics, makes Irving an NBA star you should be following.