WWE Analysis: Johnny 'Fandango' Curtis and His 6-Year Journey to Nowhere

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 3, 2013


Johnny Curtis is one of those guys who WWE really wants to use but has no idea how they want to do it.

Curtis has been signed to WWE for over six years. I'll let that sink in for a moment. SIX YEARS!

Considering how little we have seen of Curtis outside of NXT, it is fair to say that those six years have been spent wishing and hoping for the right angle or moment.

Curtis first began wrestling for WWE in their developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling, in 2006 after training under Killer Kowalski.

When the developmental system moved to Florida, Curtis moved with it.

Under the banner of Florida Championship Wrestling, Curtis kept improving his skills and working his way up the roster in hopes of making it to Raw or SmackDown.

When he got the call to be on NXT Season 4, it seemed like those dreams had finally come true.

Not only did he make it to NXT Season 4, he won!

Proving WWE had lost faith in the NXT program, Curtis' tag-title match with his pro, R-Truth, was abandoned and he was on his own.

He did end up getting a tag title match with Michael McGillicutty as his partner on NXT recently, but he came up empty-handed.

He began appearing in strange promo videos where he would use food products to emphasize popular sayings like "Don't cry over spilled milk" and "He has a chip on his shoulder."

After a few weeks of this, we finally got the SmackDown debut of Johnny Curtis. Unfortunately, it was in a squash match against Mark Henry.

In all of 2011, this was Curtis' only match on SmackDown outside of battle royals where he was being used as filler.

Curtis eventually made his way back to NXT, which had lost the competition aspect in favor of simply being another wrestling show.

He had some notable feuds and angles with Maxine, Derrick Bateman and William Regal until the NXT name was rebranded and used to replace FCW as a developmental system.

Curtis still appears on NXT sometimes, but now he is preparing to debut a tango-dancer gimmick known as Fandango.

The videos for this character aired for a few weeks in late 2012, but they have since been pulled and there is no word on if the character will proceed.

This is one of those cases where WWE simply has no idea what they want to do with him.

The worst part about this is that Curtis is actually talented. He trained under Killer Kowalski and has been honing his craft under WWE management for six years.

If this were just some guy who couldn't string a hammerlock and headlock together then it wouldn't be such a big deal, but Curtis has talent.

On NXT he showed that he has the necessary tools to be a solid hand in the ring against guys like Michael McGillicutty, but the right character or feud never came together for him.

We are in a new year now, and that means Curtis has another year to try to make it to the main roster and actually stay there.

Curtis has the right look, work-ethic and abilities to be something in WWE someday. Hopefully he just won't have to wait six more years for it to happen.


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