7 Ways CM Punk Can Maintain His Stride as WWE Champion

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2013

7 Ways CM Punk Can Maintain His Stride as WWE Champion

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    CM Punk became the first WWE champion since John Cena to hold the WWE championship title for a year. His reign stands at 409 days to be exact, a feat that no one has accomplished in quite some time.

    He’s become the voice of the voiceless, turning face and heel during that period. Punk’s had quality matches, positioned Paul Heyman as his manager and defeated every challenger in his way.

    What is left for CM Punk to do as the WWE Champion? It turns out there’s plenty left for him to do as champion. Here are seven ways CM Punk can maintain his stride as WWE Champion.

7. Maintain Dominance

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    Punk needs to keep his streak going as the dominant champion and not as a cowardly heel.

    So far, Punk has kept a balance by fleeing when things didn’t go his way. With everyone hunting the champion, it’s clear Punk would avoid confrontation at this stage of his title reign.

    Punk needs to keep his dominance going. He has shown he can be a prevailing champion. This doesn’t mean Punk should overpower opponents but he should keep picking up victories.

    Victories still matter to CM Punk. He wants to win every match possible. The more matches he wins, the more dominant he becomes.

6. Keep Up the Promos

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    Due to Punk’s knee injury, he’s had to use his promo ability to stay relevant. His promos continue to work and keep him relevant to the WWE Universe.

    Punk needs the promos more than ever when he returns to the ring. The level of opponents and magnitude coming up will force Punk to bring his A-game.

    Punk’s got The Rock at the Royal Rumble, and Rock will make an appearance at next Monday’s Raw. If Punk survives Rock, he’ll need to step up again for WrestleMania 29.

    Punk loves challenges, and he loves promoting himself with that WWE Title. If Punk can keep his promos to the level he consistently brings, he’ll maintain that edge. 

5. Face Everyone; Yes, That Means Everyone

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    Punk will face The Rock at the Rumble. If he retains, there’s not much left after that.

    He’s faced every former world champion and main eventer the WWE can muster. He’s defeated almost every wrestler during his run as champion.

    Punk defeated Sheamus twice on Raw and Main Event while Sheamus held the World heavyweight championship. He defeated Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown. Who’s left?

    Punk needs to go through the entire roster.  Punk needn’t concern himself since it doesn’t matter what side his opponent’s on.

    Punk is only concerned with the title. He’s beaten the best the WWE has to offer. Now is the time for Punk to rule over the WWE roster. 

4. Win as You Began

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    Punk’s taken questionable methods to retain his title. Thanks to interference at Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, Punk is still the WWE Champion.

    What happened to his ingenuity? Whatever happened to winning matches strictly on his wrestling ability?

    If memory serves, the last singles match Punk has won without help was a match against Rey Mysterio on Raw. Every other match has either ended with help or in a draw.

    The first half of Punk’s 2012 campaign demonstrated him winning on his own. Punk’s taken shortcuts since SummerSlam. Even though he made that transition to a heel, he doesn’t need to take the easy way out on every match.

    Now, Punk doesn’t need to become the cool, dominant heel. He needs to be consistent by winning more matches without help, and strengthening his already impressive title reign.

3. More Time on Matches

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    The WWE Champion ran clinics in all of his title defenses throughout the year.

    Now that Punk is being put in the main event, let’s see him go longer. Let’s see CM Punk go the distance in his matches.

    We know Punk can pull it off in his matches. He’s had 30-minute matches with John Cena, wars with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. Time for Punk to take the gloves off!

    Fans are long overdue for an Iron Man match. Punk used to go 60 minutes, as he revealed in his DVD. Why not have those 60-minute wars again?

    The last iron man match was falls count anywhere between John Cena and Randy Orton three years ago. It’s time to bring that match back again.

    Who wouldn’t want the WWE Title on the line in an Iron Man match again? Could you imagine Punk and Bryan wrestling for 60 minutes? Punk vs. Cena or Orton would also be great encounters.

    Regardless, more time should be dedicated to CM Punk and his WWE Title matches.

2. Settle the Feuds with John Cena and Ryback

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    At Survivor Series, Punk defeated both men in a triple threat match. It should’ve settled everything, but it didn’t.

    Punk’s injury came at the worst time. He left with both feuds hanging and left fans wanting more between the three superstars.

    Punk will likely face Ryback next Monday for the WWE Title. End their feud definitively so both can move on.

    Punk and Cena could be the more intriguing story. In fact, Punk/Cena is the best match not to happen at a WrestleMania. Is WrestleMania 29 in their future? It might not be what everyone wants, but it could be what everyone needs.

    No matter what the outcome, Punk needs to end these feuds for the time being.

1. Defeat The Rock at the Royal Rumble

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    The best way to start maintaining his stride is defeating The Rock at the Royal Rumble.

    It could become the best match this year, with both men able to provide a classic encounter. However, Punk needs to win this match.

    A victory over The Rock would do wonders for Punk’s career. He needs to retain.

    No questions must arise from the outcome. Punk and Rock has to end the same way it will start: one-on-one. No one should interfere in this match. Punk winning on his own would kick off his 2013 campaign in an explosive way.

    If Punk does defeat Rock, it would show the WWE fans an unstoppable champion and leave them with one throbbing question: who can take the WWE Title from CM Punk?