Army All-American Game 2013: 10 Recruits You Need to Know More About

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2013

Army All-American Game 2013: 10 Recruits You Need to Know More About

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    This Saturday will bring us not just the first Saturday of 2013, but also the 2013 Army All-American Game. Many of the nation's best players and prospects have descended on San Antonio for a competitive week of practice and will finish it with a great game.

    While you may know all of the big names at the game such as Max Browne and Greg Bryant, there are still several recruits there that you should know more about. This read will give you 10 prospects participating in the Army game that you should know more about.

    I wish you all a very happy new year!

10. Johnathon McCrary, QB

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    McCrary is a 6'3", 190-pound dual-threat QB from Georgia with a solid all-around skill set. He looks good on the hoof, can make flashing throws from the pocket and attack a defense downfield with his arm.

    McCrary also has the athleticism and mobility to escape pocket traffic, get clean and make throws on the run. If the Vanderbilt pledge doesn't like any passing lanes, he shows solid speed to tuck the football and eat yardage with his legs. 

9. Brendan Mahon, OG

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    Committed to Penn State, Mahon is one of the best OL prospects in the country but doesn't get much attention. The New Jersey can play OT or OG and excellent play strength.

    Mahon shows great short-area quickness and agility, which allows him to be productive on the second level and as a trap and pull blocker. He can battle in a phone booth and recovers well.

    This guy's a future starter on the OL in Happy Valley. 

8. Shelton Gibson, WR

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    Gibson is the type of offensive player that can be your "jack of all trades" guy. He can play some WR, RB, slot WR and even a little Wildcat QB.

    He's 5'11", 173 pounds and shows very good play speed, quickness and elusiveness with the football. The object of his game is just to get the ball in his hands, rather via handoff, reverse, screen or any other quick way.

    You should start looking at this guy harder because he's an offensive playmaker. 

7. Josh Banderas, OLB

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    Banderas was practically born to be a Blackshirt defender since he is from Lincoln, NE. The 6'2", 220-pounder plays OLB and can play the position very well.

    He has quick read and react ability, good speed to fire over to ball-carriers and is not a leaky yardage tackler by any means. Banderas is a solid blitzer and shows flashes of being able to work well in short to intermediate zone coverage.

    He's committed to Nebraska, can't you tell?

6. Frank Herron, DE

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    Herron is a 6'4", 240-pound DE from Tennessee that is committed to LSU. I think the fact that he's headed to play for Brick Haley and John Chavis will be good for him because he can flash and disappear at times.

    Herron shows the capability of being a disruptive edge defender, due to good snap quickness and speed. Yet he can disappear for stretches and needs to work on his all-around technique.

    Keep and eye on him this week because he has raw skills. 

5. Jake Oliver, WR

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    Oliver is likely not going to be a deep threat nor will he outrun many people at Texas. However, the 6'4", 205-pound WR will run crisp routes and use his large catch radius to pluck passes to help move the chains.

    While it may be unfair to label Oliver as a possession receiver, he just fits the mold too well not to do so. He's a reliable target who QBs can trust.

    His lack of great speed keeps him from being mentioned in the upper echelon of prospects, but this guy can play. 

4. Garrett Sickels, DE

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    Sickels is a 6'4", 230-pound DE from New Jersey that plays with good instincts, smarts and a high motor. He's a good football player that has a solid feel for sniffing out ball-carriers and anticipates well.

    The Penn State commit can get up field to attack the passer and just play extremely hard. He should be a fan favorite for the Nittany Lions. 

3. Myles Jack, OLB

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    Committed to UCLA for now, Jack is from Washington and plays football at 6'2", 230 pounds.

    He plays multiple positions like TE, RB, RB, DE and OLB, but the latter is where many project him to play in college.

    Jack has great play speed and once he's on track in a straight line he can fly to the ball-carrier, QB or upfield if he has the ball. 

2. Tim Kimbrough, ILB

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    Kimbrough is 6'1" and 220 pounds, from Indiana, committed to Georgia and can pack a punch. He loves to mix it up inside at the point of attack and is one the the best pure run defenders in the country.

    Georgia's class is so big that Kimbrough can get lost when we discuss it, but Mark Richt and Todd Grantham know they are getting a perfect ILB for their 3-4 base scheme. 

1. Scott Pagano, DT

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    Pagano is committed Clemson and will be heading to play for Dabo Swinney all the way from Hawaii. I'm anxious to see how he fares this week vs. good competition.

    Pagano is 6'3" and weighs about 280 pounds. He can shoot off the ball and really get into a blocker's body, stack up, anchor and shed to make stops vs. the run. He can push the pocket in the middle as a rusher and should be very solid player for the Tigers.

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