Paul Heyman Is the Greatest WWE Manager of All Time

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJanuary 1, 2013

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Paul Heyman is the greatest WWE manager of all time.

It’s a statement that is sure to go under scrutiny. Look at all the great managers in the history of the WWE who have made a lasting impact.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Jimmy Hart dominated the Rock N’ Wrestling Connection, managing WWE Hall-of-Famers and former champions. Classy Freddie Blassie managed Hulk Hogan before “Hulkamania” started. You can even put Vickie Guerrero on that list due to the heat she’s drawn since she turned heel in 2007.

What makes Heyman the greatest WWE manager of all time? He employs all of his abilities and makes his “clients” better than ever.

Heyman started managing during his days at WCW and ECW. Among the talents he managed were Steve Austin (back then known as Stunning Steve Austin) and Sabu. Heyman was effective in making those two men great commodities during his time with both.

He eventually took a break from managing and ran ECW. After ECW was bought by the WWE, Heyman returned to the broadcast booth and partnered with Jim Ross for 11 months.

Everyone thought the managing days of Paul Heyman were over until April 2002.

Heyman partnered with a young Brock Lesnar and dominated the majority of 2002. Lesnar became a bona fide star not just because of his ability but also by his affiliations with Heyman.

We all know Heyman can cut promos. He was on fire with Lesnar, who in general is not known for his talking. The WWE booked Lesnar as a war machine who rarely talked, so that duty was bestowed to Paul Heyman.

Heyman was so effective in cutting promos for Lesnar that the fans associated Lesnar with Heyman. It made their split at the 2002 edition of Survivor Series even more shocking.

Heyman switched allegiances to the Big Show, and an immediate change occurred. Heyman had someone who was capable of cutting his own promos.

Due to his presence with Lesnar, he made Show more formidable in recent memory. Heyman also joined forces with Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to form Team Angle.

Heyman held a great faction that could’ve ranked amongst the best of all time. It was cut short due to the WWE wanting Lesnar to become a strong babyface. Lesnar took out everyone, including Heyman, before his championship match against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19.

Heyman returned managing in 2004 in a failed attempt to make Heidenrich the same monster heel as Lesnar. Heyman did his best, but sometimes you can’t reach everyone.

Heyman took a break from managing to run Ohio Valley Wrestling, the WWE’s developmental league at the time. It was there where he met CM Punk. The two formed an alliance that would change both men.

Punk mentioned Heyman in his 2011 promo and put Heyman’s name back on the map. Heyman would return a year later to again become the mouthpiece for Lesnar.

He expertly kept the crowd invested in Lesnar’s eventual return to SummerSlam. Interestingly enough, that wasn’t the end of Heyman.

An on-screen pairing nearly six years in the making finally came true, as Heyman became Punk’s manager. Punk doesn’t need Heyman as the mouthpiece, but the two of them together developed into a match made in heaven.

Heyman can bring heel heat, just like any other manager. He has no limitations, unlike his predecessors to push the envelope. He complements Punk and vice versa. Their history only magnifies their alliance, and they both can draw heat.

What makes Paul Heyman the greatest manager of all time is his ability to maintain that heat and turn it into hate. He makes his “clients” better than ever and the heat he brings is contagious.

That’s what makes Paul Heyman the best WWE manager of all time. Whether you respect him or not, you always find a way to boo him out of the building, which is exactly what Paul Heyman wants.