Why Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel Should Be Taken More Seriously in WWE in 2013

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 1, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

The WWE tag team division is bursting with great talent right now, and the trend of improving the division looks like it will continue into 2013.

Teams like Prime Time Players, Team Hell No, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and Rhodes Scholars have been getting the most attention, but there is another team that WWE needs to consider giving a push to.

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd have been teaming together for a few months now, and in that time they have had a couple wins, but mostly losses.

The two exciting superstars have been on WWE's back burner for a while now, and after a few recent wins, it looks like they might be getting the push they deserve, but there is still a long journey ahead of them when it comes to getting to the top.

WWE needs to use this team in a more productive way for several reasons.


Appeal to kids

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd have something working in their favor that not many of the other teams do: how well they appeal to children.

Their high-flying antics and exciting double team moves have made them crowd favorites during their matches, and their images certainly fit the bill of WWE's ideal superstar right now.

Their babyface images, ability to entertain and coordinating attires make them one of the more recognizable teams WWE should want to push if they really are dedicated to the PG era.


In-ring ability

Most of the tag teams don't have a superstar who can do the high-flying moves the way these two can, let alone both members of the team.

Primo and Epico along with SinSterio are both high-flying teams, but Gabriel and Kidd bring more to the table than just their high spots.

Unlike Sin Cara and Mysterio, Kidd and Gabriel can mat wrestle with the best in the company and keep up, if not outpace them.

Both men are in prime physical condition, and both appear to have well over a decade left in them to rise up the ranks in WWE as tag or singles stars.

When someone like Chris Jericho gives you this kind of praise, then you know you are doing something right.


Congrats to @kiddwwe for getting in the MITB match! He never has bad matches-its awesome to see him keeping the Calgary kid tradition alive!

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) June 30, 2012



It is hard to look through the WWE roster and find two men with as much raw potential as Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.

Tyson Kidd is already one of the best technicians in WWE, and Gabriel is one of the best high flyers. When you combine this with their ability to keep growing, you have the potential for two main event superstars.

Despite being mirror images of each other in many ways, there are a lot of things that separate Kidd from Gabriel, and WWE could easily make a great feud between the two if they ever break them up.



Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel have been dealt a few bad hands during their time in WWE, but that could all change in 2013.

WWE has been going more off talent than anything else when choosing who to push recently, whether some of us can admit that fact or not, and Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel are two who have all the talent WWE could hope for.

If 2012 taught us anything, it is that WWE can still surprise us and give us what we want, so hopefully Kidd and Gabriel benefit from that in 2013.


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