Is Shawn Michaels Getting Into The Undertakers Head?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2009

I know I write a lot of articles on wrestling, but it's a sport that I enjoy watching and talking about.

On Monday Night Raw this past week, the Undertaker was addressing Shawn Michaels in the squared circle. He said that Shawn had opened the gates of hell. Shawn came on to the big screen from a cemetery.

The setting was eerie and viewers could feel that eeriness as Michaels addressed the Undertaker. Shawn had dug a grave and above it was a tombstone that read "16-1" meaning that he will end Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

Then the show stopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, kicked the tombstone into the grave and said "rest in peace", and covered it up with dirt. Undertaker was beside himself.

Did Shawn Michaels get into Undertaker's head? Seemed like it on Smackdown, when Shawn came out dressed like undertaker (only in white) as a tribute to the dead man. Mr. Wrestlemania was quoting verses from the Bible (he's a born-again Christian) when he had finished, Shawn went into his theme song and started dancing.

From the smoke inside the ring, Undertaker reached up and grabbed Shawn Michaels' leg and nearly pulls him under. Michaels just escapes by the skin of his teeth. Looks like good vs evil. In all honesty, I do think Shawn did get into the head of the dead man.

In all reality, if you want to beat the Undertaker, you have to think like him, be like him, and wrestle like him. Shawn is capable of doing this and adding a little spice called God.