Kaitlyn Is the Answer to the WWE Divas Division

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 1, 2013

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Kaitlyn is exactly what the WWE needs to make the Divas division interesting and important once again.

From her larger, more muscular physique, to her different ring attire and down-to-earth attitude, she is the woman to carry the division to new heights.

This isn’t to say that Kaitlyn isn’t talented, but sometimes talent isn’t everything. In the world of wrestling, how you look and how cool you pull off moves carries just as much weight.

Hulk Hogan was a terrible wrestler, but he was able to carry the WWE forward based on his look, personality, style and catchphrases.

While Kaitlyn is no Hogan, she does have the goods necessary to re-energize the Divas division.

First off, Kaitlyn isn’t like any of the current crop of women in the WWE, and that’s a good thing.

She’s a throwback to the days of Chyna during the Attitude Era, a worthy successor to Beth Phoenix for the powerful Diva role.

Before coming to the WWE, Kaitlyn was a competitive bodybuilder. She came in fifth in the NPC Figure Class D competition at the Arnold Classic in 2008.  

Her previous background before wrestling gives Kaitlyn an ability to do things the other women can’t: be believably physical. Who else in the division can press someone over her head? Or perform a torture rack? Or a scoop slam?

Anytime she drops another Diva to the mat the crowd responds with an audible, “Oh!”

What has always hampered the Divas division is when the women are in there wrestling, it looks fake. They botch moves or have no impact to their moves.

Wrestling needs to look real for the fantasy to work. When Kaitlyn is in the ring, it looks like she is knocking the wind out of the other Divas. Fans need to watch a match for the fantasy of the fight, not to cringe at the botches.

Another thing that Kaitlyn has going for her is her different ring attire. Her clothes make her stand out in a field full of cookie-cutter women.

By dressing her in pants and black boots, she instantly looks tougher. No glitz, no low cut tops, no short shorts. She screams business the moment she steps into the ring.

All of this is topped off by a remarkably fun, down-to-earth attitude. WWE.com describes her as “the kind of gal who’d kiss you behind the bleachers and then give you a wedgie.” 

Even her Twitter account gives a fun description of herself: "WWE's HYBRID Diva. Also.... fitness fanatic, self-proclaimed comedian and mustache enthusiast."

Why do John Cena, The Rock and Trish Stratus do so well in the mainstream? Because they have personality.

So does Kaitlyn.

When Cena is on a talk show, he’s not what you’d expect from a wrestler. He’s articulate, soft spoken, intelligent and funny. Kaitlyn poses a self-depreciating humor that makes her relatable and approachable.

Take all three of these parts of Kaitlyn and you get the answer to what is ailing the Divas division. In the world of wrestling, you need a larger than life, standout superhero to get behind and cheer.

The WWE already has Kaitlyn. Now all it needs to do is put gold around her waist.