Dallas Cowboys: 5 New Year's Resolutions for the Cowboys Heading into 2013

Bo Martin@BoKnowsBCBContributor IJanuary 1, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: 5 New Year's Resolutions for the Cowboys Heading into 2013

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    Happy New Year!  

    2013 has arrived, and we likely feel no different.  Most of us will make ridiculous resolutions that will likely be forgotten by Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    In the spirit of the holiday and the end of the Dallas Cowboys' season, I’ve compiled some resolutions for the Dallas Cowboys this 2013.

    Hope you enjoy! 

Gain Some Weight

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    The Cowboys' season is over, and they need to start preparing for next year.  One of their biggest priorities should be getting better on the offensive line.

    There remains legitimate concern about a group that allowed 36 sacks this season.

    An injury to Phil Costa and the inconsistent play of Doug Free have put Tony Romo under siege. 

    The Cowboys will look to add starters and rotation players through this year's draft.  Chance Warmack, Jake Matthews, D.J. Fluker and Jonathan Cooper are all prospects that should intrigue the Cowboys.

    With little cap space, the Cowboys will have to work extensively on scouting players that can come in and help this line but still offer a good value. 

Do a Little More

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    One game, one lousy divisional game against the rival Washington Redskins away from entering the playoffs.  The players were heartbroken, and so were the fans.

    The loss means one thing: There’s still work to do.

    Tony Romo and the Cowboys were less than perfect in Week 17.  They’ve faced injury, tragedy and media slander.  In many aspects, the season was a success.

    I’m sure the players don’t see it that way.

    This season will likely be one that leaves a chip on the players’ shoulders.  I would expect the players to work hard this offseason.  There is much to improve on.  Whether it’s players working out together, studying together or working with the coaches, a high effort needs to be put forth to eliminate mistakes. 

    This season was disappointing, but with some focus and work, the Cowboys can improve to reach the lofty expectations placed on them.

Make Better Business Decisions

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    The 2013 NFL draft is likely the most important draft in recent history for the Dallas Cowboys. 

    With extremely limited cap money, the Cowboys will have to fill their needs in the NFL draft.  The Cowboys' biggest needs are defensive tackle, defensive end, offensive guard, offensive tackle, running back and safety.

    That’s a hefty shopping list.

    It’s important for the Cowboys to do their research.  With a limited amount of picks, the Cowboys need to make every one count.  Players like Jake Matthews and Chance Warmack are no-brainers, but finding players like Brandon Williams (Missouri Southern) and Omoregie Uzzi (Georgia Tech) will require some very serious work.

    The Cowboys need to fill all their needs if they expect to finish competitively rebuilding this team.  Preparation starts today. 

Keep the House Clean

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    Tough decisions loom for the organization. 

    The futures of players like Kenyon Coleman, Doug Free, Miles Austin and Jay Ratliff are all in question.

    Jerry Jones has seemingly made a commitment to a youth movement and needs to maintain that commitment.

    Expect big moves on the horizon.

    Doug Free is an expensive, overrated tackle that has caused Tony Romo torment.  Miles Austin isn’t the receiver he once was, consistently losing on deep routes and often injured.  Jay Ratliff is an old, declining defensive lineman whose body is starting to break down after years of physical play.

    Not exactly great fits for a team that is trying to get younger and more competitive.

    The truth is that the Cowboys have no money, and these players could afford some cap relief or trade opportunities.

    The Cowboys need to determine what the value is for the older veterans on this team.  The Cowboys need to continue their competitive rebuild, even if it means moving on from veterans who were key cogs to the team at one point. 

Make New Friends

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    Jason Garrett is a fine coach.  Jerry Jones was right to keep him on the book for next season and could make another right decision by adding an offensive coordinator.

    Oh, hello Norv Turner.

    It’s OK—I’ll continue with my speculation. 

    Turner has been fired from the San Diego Chargers and can trace his NFL roots back to his early success with the Cowboys in the early 90s.  His addition would vastly improve the Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense.

    Garrett needs to be free to be a head coach.  Coaching in this league is already a demanding job; it’s doubly so if you’re giving yourself an extremely taxing additional duty. 

    If Turner were brought in to run the offense, then Garrett would be free to lead this team.  The offense would have the undivided attention of a coordinator and the team a coach.

    There is one caveat that exists.  The addition of Turner would mean the demotion of Bill Callahan.  If the Cowboys are sure that Turner is their man, then it will mean a likely separation with Callahan.

    I don’t think that anyone will disagree with me in the fact that the Cowboys need to bring in some help for Garrett.  He’s a good coach who could put the Cowboys back in Super Bowl contention, but he can’t do it if he’s spending all of his time coaching the offense.