South Carolina Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 2, 2013

South Carolina Football Recruiting: Updates on 2013 Commits and Targets

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    The South Carolina Gamecocks are a big-time program in the realm of college football recruiting.

    They boast one of the premier programs in the SEC and have had some very good players come through the program. The Gamecocks have also been the landing spot for some big-time recruits.

    Much of the credit has to go to a great fanbase and game-day atmosphere, but head coach Steve Spurrier also plays a huge role in that.

    "The Ole Ball Coach" is one of the more well known figures in college football, and his presence as head coach pays dividends for the Gamecocks on the recruiting trail. The team's 33-28 victory in the Outback Bowl on Tuesday doesn't hurt matters either.

    If you're a fan of South Carolina football or even just college football recruiting in general, consider this to be your "one-stop shop" for South Carolina recruiting.

    You'll find all the news, analysis and updates on commitments and targets that you'll ever need right here.

    Note: All 2012 stats via 247Sports unless otherwise noted.

Latest News

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    Update: The South Carolina Gamecocks have won the Outback Bowl by beating the Michigan Wolverines 33-28. Appearing in bowl games is always good for the visibility of a program with recruits, and winning in those bowl games is just as important.

    Not only was this a big win for South Carolina on the field, but it will establish some major momentum on the recruiting trail for Spurrier and his staff. The Gamecocks are still in the running with some big-time recruits for the 2013, so starting the year off with a win against a marquee program like Michigan is huge. --End of Update 1/1/13.


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    Already Committed

    Connor Mitch: 4-star pro-style QB, 6'3'', 220 lb. 5.03 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 4,661 YD, 63 TD


    Connor Shaw is a junior and Dylan Thompson is a redshirt sophomore, so the Gamecocks don't have a pressing need at quarterback just yet. That said, Connor Mitch is a great recruit for 2013 and he could end up being a good quarterback for South Carolina. Landing his commitment is big for Spurrier and his staff.

    Mitch is ranked as the No. 21 pro-style quarterback recruit according to the 247Sports composite rankings. He'll be a good candidate for a redshirt right off the bat, as the Gamecocks don't need to rush his development as a quarterback.  

Running Backs

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    David Williams: 4-star all-purpose back, 6'0.5'', 195 lb. (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Penn State, Miami

    Marquez Grayson: 3-star RB, 6'1'', 190 lb. 

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Clemson, N.C. State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech

    Already Committed

    Jamari Smith: 3-star all-purpose RB, 5'10'', 195 lb. 4.56 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 986 YDS, 12 TD (via


    With Marcus Lattimore entering the NFL draft, bringing in one or more running backs through this class is going o be very important. Landing Jamari Smith's commitment was a good start, and he has the potential to be a productive player for the Gamecocks.

    Bringing in either Williams or Grayson has to be the main goal for South Carolina though. Williams is the No. 7 ranked all-purpose back according to the 247Sports composite rankings, so he would be a huge commitment for South Carolina.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

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    Taj Williams: 4-star WR, 6'3.5'', 166 lb. 4.40 40 (247Sports)

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Louisville, Alabama, Florida State, Washington State

    Already Committed

    Pharoh Cooper: 3-star WR/ATH, 5'11', 181 lb. (247Sports)

    Jasper Sasser: 3-star WR/ATH, 6'2'', 185 lb. (247Sports)


    So far so good for South Carolina at the wide receiver position. Cooper and Sasser are only 3-star recruits, but both of them have great potential. Sasser has very good size and Cooper is an incredibly versatile and athletic player.

    Both of these recruits will bring important depth at the wide receiver position for South Carolina.

Offensive Line

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    Na'Ty Rodgers: 4-star OT, 6'5'', 270 lbs. (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, Washington

    Already Committed

    D.J. Park: 4-star OT, 6'5'', 313 lb. 5.10 40 (247Sports)

    Bryce King: 4-star C, 6'3'', 293 lb. (247Sports)

    Alan Knott: 3-star OG, 6'4'', 275 lb. (247Sports)

    J.P. Vonashek: 3-star OT, 6'7'', 275 lb. (247Sports)


    This is a very impressive group of lineman highlighted by D.J. Park and Bryce King, who both have incredible potential. Park has great size at 6'5'', 313 pounds, and he's a big in-state recruit for the Gamecocks. King is the No. 7 center in the 2013 class (247Sports composite rankings).

    This is a solid group of recruits.

Defensive Line

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    Keith Bryant4-star DT, 6'1.5'', 302 lbs. 5.18 40 (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: U.S. Army 1/5 1pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami

    Already Committed

    Kelsey Griffin: 4-star DT, 6'2'', 290 lb. 4.70 40 (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET

    Devin Washington: 4-star WDE, 6'3'', 225 lb. 4.60 40 (247Sports)

    Alfy Hill: 4-star SDE, 6'4'', 275 lb. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 18 TCK, 6 TFL, 2 SCK, 2 FR

    David Johnson: 3-star WDE, 6'1'', 253 lb. 4.70 40 (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 109 TCK, 20 TFL, 9 SCK, 1 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR

    Devante Covington: 3-star WDE, 6'3'', 210 lb. 4.70 40 (247Sports)

    Kendal Vickers: 3-star SDE, 6'3'', 225 lb. (247Sports)


    Defensive line is by far the strength of South Carolina's 2013 class so far. The Gamecocks have six defensive linemen committed, and they all project to be productive player at the next level.

    The main recruit here is Kelsey Griffin, who has star potential. He has very good size and elite-level speed, so he could become a marquee play-maker for the Gamecocks' defense very early on. Griffin is ranked as the No. 6 defensive tackle recruit in the country (247Sports composite rankings).


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    Yannick Ngakoue4-star ILB, 6'3'', 240 lb. (247Sports)

    All-Star Game: Under Armour 1/4 5pm ET

    Biggest Competition for Commitment: Florida State, Maryland, Miami

    Already Committed

    Larenz Bryant: 4-star OLB, 6'1'', 213 lb (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 76 TCK, 9 SCK, 1 INT, 1 FF, 2 FR

    All-Star Game: U.S. Army 1/5 1pm ET

    Gerald Turner: 3-star ILB, 6'1'', 240 lb. (247Sports)

    2012 Stats: 93 TCK, 19 TFL, 8 SCK, 1 INT, 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 FRTD

    Mohamed Camara: 3-star OLB, 6'2'', 205 lb. 4.65 40 (247Sports)


    Linebacker is a huge area of need for South Carolina, so keeping the commitment of these three recruits is a must. Laurenz Bryant is the marquee recruit of this group, but both Turner and Camara have great measurables as well. Overall, there's a lot of potential here.

    Yannick Ngakoue is the big target for the Gamecocks and they are in his top four according to 247Sports.

Defensive Backs

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    Already Committed

    Ronnie Martin: (Signed) 3-star CB, 5'10'', 185 lb. 4.40 40 (247Sports)

    Ali Groves: 3-star CB, 5'11'', 177 lb. 4.50 40 (247Sports)


    Bringing in depth for the secondary is always important, so the Gamecocks are looking good here. Ali Groves is a versatile defensive back that will be a good player for South Carolina and Martin is ranked as the No. 4 JUCO corner by the 247Sports composite rankings. 

    Overall, South Carolina has to be happy with these two recruits.

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