5 Overseas Clubs Who Would Love to Have David Moyes as Coach

Matt Cheetham@@Matt_CheethamCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2013

5 Overseas Clubs Who Would Love to Have David Moyes as Coach

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    One of Everton's more pressing concerns for 2013 is to address their manager's expiring contract.

    David Moyes is currently free to walk away this summer, and while he's widely expected to renew his deal, it's still a topic guaranteed to attract attention.

    A lack of obvious Premier League matches will slow the speculation on domestic shores, although it's not inconceivable to imagine Moyes plying his trade abroad.

    The Everton boss indeed referred to such a scenario in a recent interview, where he expressed his admiration for the German game and his aspirations to one day work in the Bundesliga (via francefootball.fr).

    Therefore, were Moyes to reject any contract talks, here's a look at some top foreign sides who may find his skills appealing. 


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    Schalke present the most likely overseas fit, simply due to the transitional feel around the club following the recent sacking of Huub Stevens.

    The German side have endured a disastrous run of form in the Bundesliga, although any new manager would still inherit a Champions League-calibre squad able to compete with the best on their day.

    The roster also boasts a number of young, highly talented prospects who would need nurturing, something Moyes has gained a successful reputation for doing at Everton.

Werder Bremen

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    Another potential option in Germany could be at Werder Bremen, who have had Thomas Schaaf as their manager since 1999.

    While he's achieved fantastic levels of success during his tenure, particularly during the early years, the club's form has dipped over the past few seasons.

    At the moment, Bremen sit 12th in the Bundesliga, and if Schaaf cannot revitalise his side by May, there's a chance the club may finally wish to freshen things up next summer.

    Bremen would certainly appreciate the loyalty Moyes has shown Everton in the past and admire his desire to build a project over a longer period of time. 

Spartak Moscow

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    Russian sides are always on the look out for big moves to boost their league, and recruiting a top six Premier League manager would be a massive coup for the Champions League side.

    Languishing in fifth at the moment, the club's board may well be looking for a new name to galvanise them back into European contention.

    They would undoubtedly pay Moyes extremely well and offer him an opportunity to venture into the Champions League.

    However, it's unlikely a Russian adventure would be especially appealing—unless Moyes desperately fancied reuniting with Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.

Atletico Madrid

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    As well as Diego Simeone has done at Atletico this season, he is yet to sign a contract extension past the end of the season and is in a similar position to Moyes.

    His impressive work and leadership skills could well attract a lucrative offer elsewhere, or he may simply just fail to agree a new deal.

    It's a longer shot, but should the Spanish side be in the market for a new manager, there's no reason why an out-of-contract Moyes should not make their initial shortlist.

Bayern Munich

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    Possibly the most obscure link, but a move to Munich for Moyes is not totally beyond the realm of possibility.

    A lot of confusion surrounds whether or not Jupp Heynckes wishes to extend his stay past next summer at Bayern, with many feeling the club will target Pep Guardiola.

    If he doesn't, they will be looking for a new man and with Guardiola so heavily coveted across Europe, Bayern may well need to search elsewhere.

    Linked so frequently with succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, why should Moyes not at least interest the German giants, especially considering he'd arrive free of charge?